UPDATE(S): Nike We Run SG 10K

Back then when i slow, skinny and puny. 

Dear runners, particularly – MEN. Even more particular is towards MEN who have yet to sign up for the Nike City 10K race. *hands over virtual tissues* Now, you may need this. Dont cry. Well, at least dont virtual cry here. Cause what im about to tell and show you might just break your heart.

No, its not that the girl you’re after is seeing another girl neither is it that your boy friend *cough cough* is seeing another guy. Its that…THE MEN’S REGISTRATION FOR THE NIKE RACE IS CLOSED! FULL! PENUH ( as they would call it in Malay)! MAY-YO (as i would say in Chinese)!

As of 6th September 2011, below is what i saw when i checked out the Nike Registration site. Well, minus all the cool awesome cartoon graphics and such. I was like *in a high pitch voice* “WHUUUUUT?!”. And no, contrary to popular beliefs of me being a S.N.A.G (Sensitive New Age Guy), I DID NOT CRY.

Although i did kinda sobbed. But thats not the point. Point is, MEN who havent signed up for the race, well, sadly, its over. The tribe has spoken and you have to leave the tribal council immediately or website for that matter. LADIES who are interested in the race and are reading this now, please put down that shopping bag OR close that online shopping page on your desktop OR chuck your lil kid into his cot OR stop popping those Hersey’s Kisses into your mouth (which ever is relevant) and GO REGISTER! CLICK HERE.

As of 6th September 2011. Yes, the cartoons are cool and cute.

P.S The writer of this blog post does not endorse or is being paid by NIKE, NIKE SINGAPORE, Nike “We Run SG 10K” and/or the race organizers for this post or the previous post(s).

P.P.S Funnily though, the writer of this post himself has failed to register for the run because he was late in registering for it.

P.P.P.S Just so you know, 10th October 2011 marks the 1 year anniversary of this blog. And the first “race post” was on Nike City 10K Race 2010. Awesome event i must say. Read more of it HERE.

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