Why We Run Network’s Charity Project: Be A Super Hero

In light of the upcoming Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011, the 3 of us have decided to pledge our runs and other mini training runs and/or training or workouts to raise fund for MERCY RELIEF


Mercy Relief is an independent non-governmental humanitarian charity, established in response to the human tragedies in Asia. Its aid programmes include providing timely and effective assistance to disaster-stricken communities and many more good stuffs.


Because they provide water & sanitation, shelter, sustainable livelihoods, healthcare and education to the less fortunate and needy regardless of country, culture or creed.

We Singaporeans, no matter how poor we are, are still more fortunate to have a place called home, a shelter over our heads and despite a measly meal, its still much much better than picking up grains of rice in the sand.

When is this project going to end?

To be honest, its till the race day of Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011 (which is on the 4th of December 2011). But of course, we would like to extend it forever if possible. Of course it’ll probably be under a different project name by then. But serving the same purpose nonetheless.

How do you go about supporting our cause?

You can click on the HUGE Give.sg picture above OR click here: BE A SUPER HERO. You must of course first be registered to Give.sg before being able to make a transaction online via Give.sg. Dont worry its very quick! And afterwards, you can make whatever amount of donation online. Donations will be made through your VISA/MASTERCARD.

We we are still working on other means of transactions to support this donation drive or any future fundraisers. In the mean time, we hope that you’ll share a teeny weeny portion of whatever you have and help raise funds for these less unfortunate people.

For we live life just once. And truth is, we cannot save every child in the world but saving even one will be the noblest deed you can ever expect to do in a lifetime. Even a dollar does a long way.



We’re also looking for more super heroes and heroines who would like to take a step further and play a greater role in helping the less unfortunate, the environment or even the animals.

We will allow you to use our medium/profile to kick start your fundraiser program(s) so that you can link it up to your FaceBook profile, Twitter or even email and reach out to your family and friends. And best part, where ever they are, they can contribute a part to your desired fundraiser and charity.

Now, you got another reason to run, bike, swim, climb or even to be a Strongman.


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