Missed out on the Nike Registration? Well, we’ve got a slot for you!


Btw, just to clear the air, the slot that im about to give away IS NOT MINE nor is it in the name of another person. 🙂 IT WILL BE YOURS.

So you missed out on the Nike’s race this year? Hard luck aye. Yeah, i know, the registration was all filled up in a matter of 48 hours. You were either thinking a little tad too long about the registration and missed it OR you were looking for a running buddy to get that $5 off your individual registration charge. Hahaha.  Well, too bad – YOU SNOOZE, YOU LOSE they say.

But worry no more cause we have 2 AWESOME news for you!

AWESOME NEWS NUMBER 1 – We’re giving away one (1) slot to a LUCKY reader/twitter friend who missed out on the opportunity to sign up and register for the run!

AWESOME NEWS NUMBER 2 – Its Free Of Charge also known as FOC.

However, this being Singapore, nothing is free….at least without any effort out in right? With just 2 simple rules to qualify, and the winner will be chosen via selection by us here at Why We Run Network, its that simple.

RULE #1 – Tell us (in your most creative way) Why You Want To Run The Nike We Run SG 10K by posting it up as a comment for this post. Remember to leave your name/nick and email so that we can contact you if you win.

RULE #2 – LIKE Nike Running Singapore‘s FB Fan Page and get the latest updates on Nike’s training runs.


Winner will be notified by email by Thursday, 0800H.

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8 thoughts on “Missed out on the Nike Registration? Well, we’ve got a slot for you!

  1. Why I Want To Run The Nike We Run SG 10K because it will be the furthest distance I ever ran, I want to challenge myself to see how far my limit as a human being can go, the furthest and fastest I ever ran was to a 7-11 store to buy diapers for my kid, We ran out of diaper and he was pooping everywhere and the last diaper was used up, So I had to do a dash of 1km to and fro and it felt like a marathon to me, So If I win this, I will train hard for the Nike Run by maybe running to 7-11 for ten times ! GanBatte !!

  2. My dad smiles at me whenever I bring back 1 more Nike running top for him to put on & being proud to wear it. My mother-in-law wonders why I’m having a “3-month” big belly if I’m appearing to be working for some Sports company with my overloaded cupboard with Nike products. My wife grins at me whenever I ask why aren’t we taking the train or cab & how long do we need to walk or run. Her reply? Nike or Me – Just Do It.

  3. You collect the Nike race pack with the Nike running community. You wake up way before your kopiuncle & your reply is to go run a race, you take the train while people stare at your Nike running tee with unique number ID…you run a race with best Nike marshalls that will stop nonsense runners who din sign up…you finish the race with overloaded goodies —concerts, fruits, bars, coffee & even beer at one of Nike races! Best part – taking the medal home & show off to anti-Nike fans & say does yours have this?

  4. Hi everyone!

    I’m Zul, 21 this year. I just started trying for mini-marathon just recently as im trying to motivate myself to lose weight! im a big guy naturally ^^V but most of the 10K i wanna join would be fully booked. The list i tried to apply was standard chartered 2011, ediken relay, vertical marathon n lastly nike run. 😦 but i did manage to enter my very 1st 10km which is the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 11′ just held recently! N i managed to complete within 2hrs! I feel its an achievement for me as its my 1st time & i want to join more of this runs! To achieve it, u must believe it & its better to complete than to compete! Hopefully im able to get this run so i could slowly achieve my dreams!!! ^^V

  5. oh my god, cos i have been running every year since 2008 and this year should not be any different!!! except i missed out on the registration cos there was some error in the system and by the time I tried again, it was too late!!!! 😦 soooo… GIVE IT TO ME BABY!!! I want to run this race because I can and want to make each race my BEST race! pick meeeeeeee!

  6. Last year, my daughter signed me up for Nike Run. This year, she got married. She forgot about me. I want to prove that at age of 62, I can still run a 10km. More importantly, I want to tell her Nike gave this opportunity to me! 😉

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