Reebok ReeTones Reeview!

To be honest, this picture made my mind up for me. Yeah, tell me about Photoshop and all… But come on, look at those toned legs, those buttcheeks – who doesn’t want them! The 130-odd dollars was nothing compared to the image of what I could possibly look like post-RunTones then.  I remember running in them the very same evening I got them and my only thought was, “Boy these shoes sure are heavy.”

I honestly never knew how they work – Although it is claimed that the soles are designed to target certain muscles – and if they really worked. Sure, I felt my legs become leaner and stronger but I would not attribute it fully to the shoes. They were a great motivator (those buttcheeks, those buttcheeks) and I would feel satisfied after each run – more effort taken equates to more calorie burn – the basic rule of weight loss, we all know. 😉

However, over time, my legs got used to the weight and adjusted to the instability and it was not before long my promising-of-a-miracle RunTones felt like my previous Adidas (and where’s the buttcheeks?). Sketchers has Kim Kardashian to market their Shape Ups, FitFlops are built-in gyms (W-O-W much??) and New Balance boasts to help you look good even when it’s on (uhhhh)… But all these would mean nothing if you do not put in effort on your part.

Yes, I would encourage anyone to get a pair (whichever fits your preference or level of exercise) but honey, you gotta know that these shoes aren’t gonna work for you if you aren’t working in them. Walk, brisk walk, skip, jog, run, dance, match them with as many clothes in your wardrobe when you head out… You know what I mean. If you make them a part of your lifestyle and you stay active, inevitably you will see results and that happens, don’t thank the shoes, thank YOU! Now get out and get a new pair of jeans.

P.S: Hey, wanna check out my buttcheeks? HAHA just kidding!


(The writer is a part of the Awesome Team. Known only by her Super heroine name – Elektra, she runs, trains and workout a couple of times weekly. Thats all you need to know, for now.) 


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