Just Sharing: The Vitamin Water

I’m guessing that most of us would have come across this Vitamin Water drink being sold in 7-11 or any one of those leading supermarkets no? But when this bottled vitamin first came out onto the shelves some time back, i personally, was skeptical.

I mean, seriously, how Vitaminized could a bottled water be right? Still remember the late Jack Lalanne’s PowerJuicer commercial back in the early 2000’s and yes, i was certain that one of the ways you wanna get healthy vitamin “water” was through fruit juices and not out of a processed can/bottled water.

Personally, i have worked in a chemical factory/plant which produces flavourings for your everyday flavoured drinks from certain famous drink companies IN SINGAPORE and around the region. Cant name that company for sure. But what i can share with you is that i was practically mixing CHEMICALS to form flavours that smell so real! From apple to strawberry to even popcorn flavours, did i have to make. I forgot what kind of chemicals are used but its like those XXXX-thane, XXXX-chloride kind of stuffs. And at raw product, IT SMELLS VERY BAD!

Remember those times during your secondary school science lab classes where you have to mix chemical solutions for titrations and what nonsense and the smell is very the pungent? Yes. Its like that, except that its worse – im mixing 20 litres of such stuffs together in one huge-ass giant mixer. No joke.

So to come and tell me that you can get great tasting (oklah, its tasty) AND a vitamin-healthy drink in one bottle, you have got to be kidding me man! With sugar servings in ONE bottle so high like a can of Coke, it’d rather drink a can of 100 Plus IF im really craving for something tasty and for hydration.

But of course, im not totally condemning Vitamin Water. Drinks like these are best drank like once in a blue moon. Dont make it a habit to drink such drinks as it is NOT good for health DESPITE its claims of “VITAMIN WATER”. Dont be a fool, cause i pity the fool. To be honest, i myself shun away from GASSY DRINKS. And FAST FOOD (if possible). Its sure is nice and yummy but if you want to shed those pounds, gain those sculpted abs like a roman god bod OR even think of completing a race perfect, believe me, go easy on the types of junk food you eat. You wont regret it.

All in all, my point is, Be Smart, Eat Smart, Train Smart.

Health and Fitness starts from the inside. *points to the head*


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