This Able People Can Do Sports Too

In light of today’s NIKE WE RUN SG 10K RUN, i would just like to remind us all that no matter how bad we’re feeling, how tired we are, how doubtful people are of our abilities and dreams, remember this –

You Run Your Run. Run Strong, Finish Strong.

If you can’t fly ~ then run
If you can’t run ~ then walk
If you can’t walk ~ then crawl
But whatever you do…

You MUST keep moving forward!

(Saw this on FB. Got me inspired and motivated.)

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We are a network for sports fans, fitness enthusiasts and health addicts. We share our sporting activities and adventures, promoting the idea of incorporating SPORTS as a LIFESTYLE especially amongst the busy Singaporean. We provide reliable, resourceful and current updates on the latest sporting events & happenings, gears and apparels. Giving you a better informative to making the right decisions. We aim to be a platform for you to voice out your opinions, suggestions, tirades on all things sporty.

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