Nike We Run SG 10K – The Vlogging Experience

Pardon the shaky camera and lousy visuals. Should have brought in a camera crew from Hollywood dont you think?

As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. But a video speaks a thousand pictures instead. So here it is, my first attempt to capture the moments during my Nike Run 2011. An awesome event overall with 12,000 running through the streets, post-entertainment with LIVE performances from  local artistes and an a great reception over at the reception area. You know what’s better? The “finisher’s medal”.

Watch the video to find out what it is! And oh, a special shout out to my friends who were there with me be it during the race, after the race and after the after race. You guys and ladies know who you are! 😉

I have uploaded 4 more Nike We Run SG 10K video interviews and casual chat sessions with some awesome possum people including the WINNER  OF WHY WE RUN NETWORK’S  NIKE CONTEST – MDM NG ! Despite her age, she came to the event, she saw the race and she conquered the 10K. Hell yeah, she ran SG 10K yo!

Here are some some of the video links to our YouTube account (search: whywerunn) –

  1. My Post Nike Race Review
  2. Chitty Chatty with the 987FM DJs – Divian and Jacqui
  3. Interview with Mark SBTG on his first ever NIKE run!
  4. Interview with our WINNER of our first ever contest giveaway – Mdm Ng!
Till next time, Guten Tag! See you at the next Nike Run  y’all!
P.S, Any suggestions for a good mini and easily mounted sports camcorder that i should consider? Hahaha!

6 thoughts on “Nike We Run SG 10K – The Vlogging Experience

    • Hahaha! I figured out i should get one of those fix-on-anything sports camcorders the next time. But its so expensive! :O

      Do you think we should ask for donations for Why We Need A New Camcorder Fund? ;D

    • I think its more like small singapore? 😛 Everybody knows somebody from somewhere or somehow. Hahahaha! Anyways, hope i didnt waste 9min of your life watching the clip…. >.<

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