Spotted: adiZero Feather @ iFLY Singapore

Adidas launched its latest model in its adiZero range of shoes – the adiZero Feather. With tons of new specs to the new running shoe, surprisingly, the shoe weighs much less than a conventional running shoe! Weighing at only 190gm (men’s size) and 160gm (women’s size), it IS light i tell you. 

Adidas has further reinforced the adiZero Feather with 3 new features:


The unique platform (directly attached to the upper) of the shoe which defeats mid foot flex while allowing torsion. Allowing independent movement of the forefoot and rear foot. Meaning: more stability for your midfoot as you run

The adiPRENE –

Adidas special cushion element which acts as a rebound cushioning element for minimizing energy lost. Meaning: with lesser energy required to run, runners will get to run further and faster which gives a competitive edge in competitive races or to chase for your Personal Best.


A lightweight mesh construction with engineered reinforcement which gives the runner not only breathability for the feet but also stability. Meaning: as above. Hahaha!

With such specs and techs of the shoe, one cannot wait but to try it out for my runs and training workouts in the future. The shoe isnt only meant for running but it could double up as a workout shoe too! Im sure its gonna turn heads. I know cause i have had 5 friends who saw me in them telling me that the shoe looks really bright and cool. Doh!     >.< Hahaha!

I mean SERIOUSLY, the specs and techs of the adiZero must have been something as it helped the world’s FASTEST man, Patrick Makau to shatter the world marathon record in a time of 2:03:38 hours at the Berlin Marathon held last Sunday in Germany. Maybe, just MAYBE i could achieve my own PB in future races, who knows?

Did a little video of the shoe just so you readers out there could actually see in “3D” form and not my pictures of it. Hahaha! Do chck out our other vids on YouTube Channel – whywerunn.

ALL IN all, Retailing at SGD159, you can get the adiZero Feather at all Adidas Sport Performance Concept Stores (in SINGAPORE) now!


Now, Adidas held the event launch of adiZero Feather at iFly Singapore, the world’s largest indoor skydiving simulator! I was giving the opportunity to don on the flight suit and experience my first ever indoor skydiving. Seriously, i think it beats indoor snow HANDS DOWN. ANY TIME. Period.

I must say that i didnt have much photos with me at the moment cause seriously, my battered and beaten iPhone 3GS really needs an upgrade. Nonetheless, as always, Haffiz is there to the rescue with his spanking new iPhone 4S (ok im just kidding, just iPhone 4) to help capture the pre-flight moments.

 Haffiz, me and Sunny (from TODAY Online) in our flight suit and our adiZero Feathers! Either i’m so happy OR that goggles they gave me were really really tight. LOOK AT ME EYES!

Haffiz and I. Awwww….

One cannot help but to think that the instructor is probably checking out my butt. BUTT anyways, “Look Ma, I’m flying!”. It must have been the feathers on the shoes. 😀

All in all, the flight experience was really awesome! Got to go 3 times and what ever hand signals that the instructor taught us before the flight, wasnt much of a use cause we were all flying everywhere and rolling over falling down and all! Funny much! But hey, I LOVE the experience man! Cant wait to try and do a tandem jump or skydiving on my own some day. Looking forward to that day certainly!

Its been a great day to be able to “fly”with the adiZero Feather. So apt to its name dont you think? Light as a baby dinosaur’s feather

iFly Singapore is located at 43 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa. You may also wanna check out for more info on its location, opening hours and other details too.

P.S, i think Hermes from the cartoon Hercules is using the adiZero Feather too. Look! He’s flying with it!


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