No excuses, serious.

Its the mid-week and if you have not planned anything sporty or fitness-oriented for this week, well, not to worry, cause you’ve got Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday left. You have got 4 days to train, to run, to exercise, to workout, to swim, to cycle, to climb, to jog, to do yoga, to gym, to fight, to spar, to lift tyres, to kettlebell, to play soccer, to play tennis, to play rugby, to do everything that you possibly could to maintain or UP your level of fitness.

Personally, im having my exams next week, havent covered much and you might think that i dont give a damn about it. Well, NO! Cause i do give a damn about it just as much as i give a damn about my fitness/health/training. I make it a point to train AT LEAST 3 times a week. Focusing on building strength, size and cardio.

One of my favourite ways to “end of the workout” is to do a treadmill run (since im already in the gym) for min 10min…..with weights. 2 x 3kg dumbbells is good enough to make me sweat like mad at a level 10.0 pace. Believe me, once you take away those dumbbells and run, its simply amazing at what speed you could push yourself to run at. Overall, the exercise is kinda dangerous if you’re new to it. But hey, i always like to spice things up a bit. 😉

Busy this week still?

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