A day in sports which is to be remembered

23rd October 2011 marks one of those days in sporting calender which many millions of people will probably remember in their lives. Reason being – not 1, not 2 but 3 major sporting events/game happened on that day. People were made happy, sad, frustrated, anger, disappointed all in the same day…. haish….

1) The New Zealand Rugby Team – the ALL BLACKS, won the 2011 Rugby World Cup beating rival France to a score of 8-7.

Personally, I played rugby back in my primary school, JC and National Service (Army) days and i must say that rugby was the sport which opened up my interest and love for fitness and sports. I mean seriously, you need the physique, the strength, the speed, the stamina, the reflexes and also the vision to be a good rugby player. And because of those required attributes, i changed from a scrawny, weakling, not-so-speedy guy to someone who is confident that he can take on someone 2 times my size in the field.

I love rugby. And i supported BOTH France and New Zealand during their group stages. So the when the ALL BLACKS  won the Rugby World Cup, i felt semi-good. Sadly, i felt that the match could have been better and more exciting in the 1st half. There wasnt much breakthrough runs and awesome side-steps/plays which could be awed and talked about much after the match. But oh well, im just glad i caught the match………on the internet.  😛

The Infamous “Haka”


2) MotoGP rider, Marco Simoncelli #58, died in the MotoGP race in Sepang, Malaysia.

The Gresini Honda rider lost control of his bike on the second lap of the circuit in Sepang and was hit by Edwards and Rossi. Always known for his aggressive riding style on the circuit and daring maneuvers, Simoncelli, aged only 24 died due to his serious injuries which included ‘serious trauma’ to the head, neck and chest. Whats worst is that his helmet came off as he was hit by the other racers and when the helmet comes off in any accident, you know its not a good sign.

Being a rider myself, i understand the dangers of speeding can a slight miscalculated judgement could send one into a serious accident. I’ve had my fair share of accidents and im thankful that nothing serious happened. But this kind of sports, although thrilling and exciting, is only best meant for the proper race tracks/circuits. Even then, accidents, and loss of life could happen.

To all those fellow riders out there reading this – Always remember, strap on that helmet properly, observe traffic rules and lastly, dont rush. You’re not a professional racer. But if you happen to be one do note – Even the best fall down sometimes.

“R.I.P Marco Simoncelli, 20 January 1987 – 23 October 2011 – Super Sic.”


3) Manchester City beat arch-rival Manchester United 6-1, after so many donkey years.

Im sorry but that heading sounded a bit biased but hey, this is soccer. And i love soccer. And i am a Manchester United fan since 1997. Thus, the 3rd sporting news will be remembered as the demolition of Manchester United by their noisy city rivals – Manchester City. Such a derby often brings about tension and especially when both are contenders to the top spot of the English Premier League table. City with already a 2 point lead, sitting at the top of the table gained a further 5 point lead now after goals from Balotelli (2), Dzeko (2), Silva and Aguero ended Manchester United’s run of 37 unbeaten home games. Sad much. 😦

Now, despite being a Red Devils fan, i must admit that the past few games, they have not been playing quality, awesome football. A loss like this would definitely wake up the senses of these senseless players to perform better in the upcoming matches. With 29 more games to go and a 2nd round of match up between these 2 clubs to come, it is certainly any body’s game. City might win the battle, but the war is still for the taking.

Laugh all you want oh Manchester United haters, cause as what Rocky Balboa will say “It aint over till its over…” so “Lets build some hurting bombs!”


Till next time and for some random sporting update, Guten Tag!


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