The Bukit Timah Hill Trail Run

Date: 7th November 2011                                                                                                     Time: 0930H-1030H                                                                                                               Venue: Bukit Timah Hill Nature Reserve                                                                               Mission: Conquer the Summit (at 163m, its the highest natural point in Singapore), nature’s way                                                                                                                           Gear: Adidas ClimaCool Shorts and NewBalance Minimus Trail Running shoes.

To be honest, its been months since i last planned to do some running/trekking at Bukit Timah Hill. Besides the standard procrastination (who doesnt have?) and the usual school work-projects that was bugging me most of my days, its been quite hard for me to get someone who is enthusiastic and motivated enough to train with me. So when by some strange circumstances on FB, my friend asked me out for a “trek” at Bukit Timah Hill, and with exams over and my 2 months of holidays is here, i totally said – HELL YEAH!

Since my last visit to Bukit Timah Hill was YEARS ago, one cannot act Mr-Know-It-All or Gey-Kiang (as the Chinese would call it) and so i merely followed closely behind my friend (in red, below) on the trail that he decided to take us on. Yes, i made 2 more great friends that day. 🙂 Well, we were there cause our female friend was prepping up for Everest trip with her school. Exciting much huh! Daym jealous. Anyways, i managed to take a photograph of the rocky formation which we had to CLIMB to get on the top portion of the trail before continuing our “trek”. IT WAS EXCITING. Hahaha!

At that point onwards, i cant stand just merely trekking along the trail so i started running. Running past the groups of family, running on the muddy portion of the trail, jumping over fallen logs, running and side stepping past trees and at times pouncing on boulders along the way. IT WAS SUPER FUN! Felt so free, so cool “excuse me-ing” here and there past all the slow people. 😛

Nothing fallen, is too Big to overcome.

The hardest part of the trail route was the flight of steps – all 200 of them. At one shot! And to make matters worst, the steps werent equal in height or length. So my legs were continuously pounding the steps till i felt the “burn”. Out of breath and uber shagged from the 30min run + steps climb, i just had to rest at the hut at the end of the flight of steps. Best part – its not over yet. Theres still a little more distance and a few flights of steps to go before i reach the summit.
At the summit, there were so many people flocking around. Some with their families others were simply taking a leisure stroll and enjoying nature. Reminded me of my childhood days when my parents used to bring me over to BTH for a family outing, enjoying nature. *sigh* Those were the days. 🙂 Felt great accomplishing the 200 flights of steps, really. Thats why its always easy to give up when times are hard but the rewards of completing the challenge is DAMN WORTH IT. You’ll never know you could until you do it.

Overall, the trek cum trail running was a great training for me, prelude to Nike’s WE RUN KL happening on the 27th of November and my Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore’s 21km happening on the 4th of December. Looking forward to having more of such fun times over at Bukit Timah Hill. It really showed me how weak i was and was certainly an eye-opener to my deteriorated fitness. I guess, this give me motivation to run more and more! 😀

Anyways, for more info about Bukit Timah Hill Nature Reserve and their opening hours: CLICK HERE!

 Also, do check out our GIVE.SG page (click on the icon below) – We’re raising funds for Mercy Relief – reaching out to help those less fortunate than us. Mercy Relief provides water & sanitation, shelter, sustainable livelihoods, healthcare and education. to the less fortunate and needy regardless of country, culture or creed. Giving them an opportunity to better their life and perhaps be as healthy and fit as you too. 🙂

 Till next time, Guten Tag!


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