Train hard, Live strong.

Its been a really hectic week for me, really. Busy with work and hardly having time to gym proper, i’ve resorted to doing daily sit ups, some dumb bell exercises or push ups to maintain my physique. At the moment, im covering the SEA Games 2011 event. Keeping a close eye on all the events and medal tally and player updates from Team Singapore, its been a really great experience.

Yes, i was given the opportunity to intern as a Sports Reporter for a certain media company which i shall not name at the moment. Understanding how things work behind the scenes in giving reports, interviews and updates, this internship, though the hours are long, i have really been enjoying myself. Someone joked – I used to write (this site) and 6000-7000 people read it a month. Now, the things i write, 60,000-70,000 people view it a night. Loving every moment of my internship. Sorry, but i’ll be a little busy for this 2 weeks.

I mean, sometimes the things we do don’t have to be seen by others to make us feel really good about ourselves. 🙂 

Nonetheless, my partners and i have a few VERY USEFUL and INTERESTING articles coming right up. Not gonna say what it is, but stay tuned to find out more! Lastly, i hope all my running and fitness-freak friends (like me) out there are doing well with your trainings. I know its coming to December and all out butts are itchy for a quick holiday getaway but just dont forget to lead a healthy lifestyle. With the demise of McDonald’s curry sauce, im hoping that lesser people will be drawn towards eating the great tasting unhealthy McNuggets.

Just remember to eat in moderation, drink plenty of water and DONT forget to train at least 2 times a week too! Im looking forward to my next race on the 27th of November – the Nike We Run KL 10K and then on the 4th of December for the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore! 😀

Loving you all out there, hoping to inspire more sports-fitness-health oriented people out there! And if you’re not, its never too late to hop on the bandwagon! 

Afterall, we had it in us when we young…like wayy younger. 😉

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We are a network for sports fans, fitness enthusiasts and health addicts. We share our sporting activities and adventures, promoting the idea of incorporating SPORTS as a LIFESTYLE especially amongst the busy Singaporean. We provide reliable, resourceful and current updates on the latest sporting events & happenings, gears and apparels. Giving you a better informative to making the right decisions. We aim to be a platform for you to voice out your opinions, suggestions, tirades on all things sporty.

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