Athletics: Where 0.001 second makes a whole lot of difference

Tuesday, 15th November 2011, Palembang, Indonesia – It was Day 4 of the 26th SEA Games and the Jakabaring Athletic Stadium was filled with hordes of supporters for the athletics event held there. It was the Men’s 4x100m relay finals and Singapore had qualified for it. I simply love the relay games. Be it 4x100m, 200m or even 400m. I guess, as individualistic as i am, i prefer working in a team.

Anyways, all 4 teams had their eyes on Gold but everyone knows, only one could be the winner. Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore lined up their 4 fastest men each to compete in the event. Singapore fielded Calvin KangLee Cheng WeiMuhammad Amirudin and Gary Yeo.

The men, got off to a great start and were a good 3 meters at the final turn but a stunning run by the Indonesia’s 4th runner saw him over taking Gary Yeo AT THE VERY LAST SECOND! In fact, the Indonesians won by 0.004 seconds! Ahhh… a photo finish finals. What more could we ask for? It was saddening to see Singapore lost out by 4 thousandth of a second, but hey, thats athletics for you. EVERY, MILLISECOND COUNTS.

Moral of the story: Just thrust your chest forward as you cross the finish line. Or Singapore could, you know, just sign that Indonesian 4th runner under our Foreign Talent scheme and perhaps we could win something. Just look at Table Tennis sweeping all 5 GOLD medals at the SEA Games. 

Below is the clip of the race. Awesome stuff. :’) Reminded me of my athletics track and field stint back then….until i decided to ditch it and play rugby. 😛

Compared to the INTERNATIONAL areana where the Jamaicans (no surprises here) won the event. At the same time, breaking the record too! 37.04 seconds!




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