Nike: Running for Thailand Charity

In light of the recent floods in Thailand, Nike  has launched an initiative to help our fellow not-so-distance neighbours a helping hand…or feet for that matter. Called ALL FOR THAILAND, runners simply have to clock their mileage from 18 November 2011 to 9 December 2011. Every kilometer that is clocked, Nike will donate US$1 to the CARE Raks Thai, the local Thailand Chapter of CARE International.

(click on image/poster above to find out more!)

(More on the NIKE+: CLICK HERE)

Together, we can help raise fund to help our fellow South East Asian neighbours get throught these tough times. On the birghtside, at least you’re doing something that you love and/or keeping healthy at the same time. 🙂

Alternatively, if you do not have a NIKE+  but would like to reach out and help the less fortunate, you can do so by supporting our cause – Be a Super Hero. Hoping to raise funds for Mercy Relief, an independent non-governmental humanitarian charity, established in response to the human tragedies in Asia.

You may check out the site by clicking on the GIVE.SG image below. 🙂

Sometimes it is easy to forget that we are immensely lucky, being born in a first world country, where food is plentiful and we have our needs fulfilled. Sometimes it is easy to forget that there are people out there who teeter on the brink of death, starving for food and thirsting for water.

Sometimes, it is easy to forget that many of them are children, lying helplessly in the scorching sun of the African plains, the unbearable pain of starvation overcoming them and yet they have no strength left in them to cry or even whimper in pain.

Providing water & sanitation, shelter, sustainable livelihoods, healthcare and education. to the less fortunate and needy regardless of country, culture or creed. Let’s do this for the people less fortunate than us.

You can be someone’s superhero. It is time.


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