The Nike We Run KL 2011 Review

Nike Runs have always been a special event for me. No, its not because the registration of their runs always get snapped up within hours (Seoul, 70min and Singapore, 48 hours!) or that they always have unique finisher’s medal to giveaway. Those are kinda like the by product of my happy feeling when running the races.

Its simply because i kicked started my running regime last year with a Nike run – the Nike City 10K 2010. 

Over a year has passed since 24th October 2010 and i have participated in quite a number of runs. So when the opportunity to run Nike’s We Run KL 10K happening on the 27th of November 2011, i did not hesitate to sign up for it. Furthermore, its kinda affordable. Teehee! AND to make it even special – this is my FIRST overseas run too!

So i reached KL at 0100H and only had 3 hours sleep before making my way to the form up place – Dataran Merdeka, somewhere in KL. Reached there some time around 0700H. To be honest, had i not followed the throngs of Orangey coloured people, i would never have found that place in time. *phew* Nonetheless, the place somewhat reminds me of Tanjong Pagar a bit though. 🙂

The run started out well. Weather was nice and not too humid and i was running at an easy pace as i was with my female running buddy. Yeah, buddy run for the win! To be honest, i dont know the route. Even the route on the map looked a lil alien to me. =S

At certain points of the run, there was a bottleneck cause people were walking…on the RIGHT SIDE! Geez! Dont these runners understand some running etiquettes – like keeping to the left when they decide to walk or slow down? 😡  Anyways, the route was rather hilly and personally, i LIKE that! Challenging and it makes your legs work more. 🙂

The route was peppered with water points and some form of entertainments – local delights of Indian bhangra and Malay drum sets. At least it brought some rhythm to the route and made it interesting too. What i didnt quite like was that the water points werent prepared and that caused a jam every time we are near the water points. Somehow, the people serving the water werent very efficient and looked kinda lost when throngs of people started coming to their booth. And perhaps, im just being too anal, but better collection points for the disposable cups could be introduced. People

All in all, the whole event was a great experience. It was a good break from running in Singapore every time and with just 2 days to go to the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore, i needed this “vacation” and chill run. KL had been a nice. Looking forward to running more races/runs overseas. 

Caught up with a few awesome friends. Tristan and the ladies and gentlemen from United Runners. 🙂 Sorry i couldnt make it for lunch guys. Next time ya? 

Till we meet again, get ready for Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011!


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