The Netball Nations Cup 2011

SINGAPORE, 5TH DECEMBER – The Netball Nations Cup 2011 got underway at the Toa Payoh Sports Hall today (Monday) with the first match seeing host nation, Singapore playing Sri Lanka.  What could be more exciting than the home team playing in the opening match itself?

The opening ceremony was a simple ceremony, with speeches made by the VIPS followed by an oath of fair play by the team captains and a short dance performance by some Malay dance club. 6 netball nations – Fiji, Malaysia, Namibia, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka and Singapore will battle it out in at the 7-days event for the coveted title of CHAMPIONS of the Nations Cup 2011.

To be honest, i didnt quite understood the rules of Netball i mean with abbreviations like GA, GK, GS, GC, GD, WA, C etc, one would probably mistaken it to elements in the periodic table. But as i sat there and watched the match got underway, I learnt more and it became interesting and exciting watching the game actually.

You got to hand it to the girls, really. Quick, fast movements passing around the ball in swift but delicate motions to their team mates, it takes a lot of coordination, focus and smart play to score, i would say. I like sports cause it requires both the mental and physical capabilities of a person to act at that spur of moment. And to those who feel that Netball is just another girly sport, i beg to differ, it may be a girl’s sport but the intensity of the game really got people cheering and “Oooh!”-ing from the stands!

You gotta love the atmosphere here! Anyways, the tickets to the games can be bought on site and below are the dates of the games. Daily tickets are sold at $6 while the finals are at $12. You could also buy the season’s pass which cost $30. By the way, Students enjoy 50% off on the tickets.


For more information on Netball Singapore, log onto:
Facebook: Netball Singapore
Twitter: Netball_SG



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