The OCBC Cycle Singapore ‘Safe Cycling Day’

Saturday, 17 December – Over 1,000 riders took to the streets in the wee hours and headed down for the OCBC Safe Cycling Campaign, held at the Longhouse Food Junction along Upper Thomson. Some came as early as 2.30 AM to collect their limited edition cycling jerseys. Talk about being early as the distribution of the jerseys only started at 6 AM! And by 6.45 AM, ALL the jerseys have been snapped up! Oh wow! 😀

The jerseys – brightly coloured with a mix of red, white and yellow were given out to remind motorists and cyclists alike that ‘1.5M Matters – Sharing Saves Lives’. By the way, 1.5 metres is the safety distance that motorist MUST keep away from cyclist on the roads.

Personally, i have never seen a gathering of cyclists at an event or campaign before and to see 1,000 plus riders coming from different cycling groups and so many different bike models is truly amazing. Seeing all those cyclists this morning and having casual chat with some of them certainly perked up my adrenaline! It made me just wanna go grab a bike and cycle cycle cycle! Its been a looooong time since i had an awesome cycling session.

FYI, i used to have a mountain bike which i used it to cycle around Bukit Timah Hill area until the the day i met with an accident many years back. A silly and clumsy mistake which made me tumble head first and i suffered a concussion. With the bike damaged and the accident left me the faint scar below my right eye, it was indeed a painful lesson. But nonetheless, i loved every day that i was riding.

Photo montage of the happenings at OCBC Cycle Singapore ‘Safe Cycling Day’

This is the second edition of OCBC Safe Cycling Day with the campaign running until OCBC Cycle Singapore 2012 (2-4 March 2012) and definitely to infinity and beyond. 🙂 For more information and registration on the OCBC Cycle Singapore 2012, CLICK HERE.

Jersey Lovin’

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