T-Nation: Get That Squat Up!

Interesting article by Tim Henriques from T-Nation, a body-building site.

Get That Squat Up!

If your goal is to be strong, you’re going to have to spend time under the bar. Benches are cool and deadlifts are studly, but there’s something special about squats. They’re arguably the hardest, and I’m not ashamed to say, the scariest of the big three lifts.

But the experts are divided. Many love squats, seeing them as a cure-all for almost any physique or performance woe, while others say squats are overrated and lead to sore knees, bad backs, and waists as wide as barn doors.

I’m not hear to tell you who’s right – although you’re likely a pencil-necked geek if you believe the latter – but I will say this with absolute certainty: To get good at squats, you have to squat.

Sure you can get “strong” legs on the leg press or pushing the Prowler, but to demonstrate prowess in the barbell squat, you better spend some time doing just that. Otherwise, anything more than 400 pounds on your back will staple you to the platform no matter how many fat guys you can load on the leg press.

This routine is designed to increase your 1RM in the squat, and likely the deadlift as well. It’s a two day-a-week routine. Each day should be spaced 2-4 days apart.

Anyone with a passing familiarity with weight training programming will notice this set up is somewhat similar to a Westside lower body program. Certainly, I’m not claiming to have invented this method – I’m just presenting a plan that’s easy to follow and delivers results.

My team followed this to prepare for our last meet and average squat gains were 20-40 pounds in 12 weeks. One guy relatively new to squatting put 70 pounds on his max!

This routine is designed for the raw lifter (one not using a squat suit or knee wraps) at an intermediate to advanced level. The squatting form suggested can vary with the individual but is generally aligned with what’s in Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe.


P.S, By the way ladies, doing squats wont turn you into a monster-hulk like woman.


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