My latest gear: The HTC Sensation XE

Ok, so from time to time, i’d share some of the sporting gears that i’ve used throughout time. From running shoes to high-tech GPS tracking devices, the world of sports just couldnt get any better and exciting. 😀

The only downside though is that i could only WISH to have many gadgets and gears in my stockings on Christmas day. But no, Santa didnt drop by my place. Probably because i advised him to slim down and look fit for Christmas. Sad. 😦

Check out my tips to AVOID THE SANTA SUIT here:


Anyways, like all good Christmas stories, my Christmas present came in early – I got my hands on the newest and latest HTC SENSATION XE with Beats by Dr Dre! A refreshing change from my previous phone which felt too light and fragile for me. The HTC Sensation XE has a really nice feel and weight to it. Like all smart phones which i have been using, they serve 3 important things for me –

  1. Capturing photos/videos
  2. Listening to music AND 
  3. Like anyone else, surf the net.

I’m not a tech geek per se and im not gonna bore you with all the techs and specs. But what i would like to share with you, is a “sporty person’s” point of view on the HTC SENSATION XE. And why i like it. Simple enough to comprehend.

5 Things i like about the HTC SENSATION XE:

  1. With a metal-like case and matt white cover at the back, the HTC Sensation XE has sleek features which not only looks good but feels good to hold too, as mentioned above. In other words, it feels strong and not plasticky.
  2. It has a feature which allows you to access the camera mode very quickly from the lock screen. Some phones might have them already, but this one…is done in style. SWIPE ONLY!
  3. Speaking of which, the camera has an ACTION Scene mode to capture, well, action shots. Hehe! With up to 8 MP, autofocus, dual-LED flash, now you can capture amazing shots…on the move….heading towards the finishing line. Teehee!
  4. Yes, with a 1080p@30fps, stereo sound recording, this phone captures sharp videos. And of course, watching my favourite workout videos (from YouTube’s SIX-PACK SHORTCUTS) on its 4.3 inch S-LCD capacitive touchscreen is just superb.
  5. Lastly, the Beats Audio by Dr Dre is totally awesome. Plays well on speaker mode, using the earpiece and also when connected to external speakers.Plugged into these “babies” and you’re GOOD TO GO and do your workout. (Best served with some motivational sound tracks that is.)

1 Thing which i don’t quite like about the HTC SENSATION XE: 

  1. I can’t seem to sync my contacts proper from the last 2 phones. Hahaha! Someone, save me please.


All in all, the HTC SENSATION XE is a sturdy and strong phone. With amazing graphics and features, its a good sporty phone i must say. If you really want to know more details about it, you can check here: OR one of those telco shops. FYI, if i had 2 of these phones, i’d bring one of them for rock climbing, swimming etc. just to pit it against the elements. 😛

However, like i mentioned, i had always use my handphones as a multi media tool mainly because i find it really expensive to buy separate gadgets like camera, a netbook and a modem. Kinda budget you might say, but hey, whatever works man. With the HTC SENSATION XE meeting my requirements i look for in a smart phone, im not complaining. At least i can furnish the site/blog with interesting videos and images.

By the way, do check out & play HTC Singapore Score With Beats FB app and you could walk away with a spanking new HTC SENSATION XE too!

Check out the pictures below! Teehee!

Lunch: Fried Rice with Beef Char Siew (or so i think thats what its called. Im NOT a food blogger, so i dont give a damn about its name)

Dinner’s side dish: A bowl of fresh salads with a little thousand island dressing. Hehe!

Playing street soccer with my friends. Scoring a few goals here and there…no biggie. ;P

Completing our 200 Chin Ups Challenge. 1st set max rep. Followed by 10-15 reps per set, with a 2min rest time in between sets. Need to do this AGAIN.



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