7 TIPS To Getting Back On Track This New Year!

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives... Its been days into 2012 and with such a long weekend to celebrate the new year,i wouldnt be surprised if you would feel lethargic and tired trying to “kick start” our fitness regime – be it runs or workouts or even coupling them both. I know, cause im having this post-holiday “I-am-so-lazy-to-train” mood too.

Personally, i have been on a low key on running ever since i completed my 21km at the SCMS 2011. And although i still do a little light cardio workout or runs here and there, its surely never the same as my high-key period of trainings. Perhaps, you’re like me and would love to meet your fitness resolutions that you have set for yourself this year (2012) but cant seem to get out of that rut well read on, gorgeous/hunks.

Well, here are 7 TIPS that you can incorporate into your 2012 lifestyle to make sure that you’re on the right gear to meet your (fitness) resolutions:

1) Have a positive state of mind, coming into the new year.

Its the new year. Time to start things a fresh. “NEW YEAR. NEW ME. NEW CHALLENGE.” i would say. Have a yourself set some new goals that you might want to achieve this year. For me, im looking forward to training and picking up Muay Thai (and Jiu-Jitsu) over at Evolve MMA Academy, the biggest MMA academy in town thus far. Hope i can get a leaner and beefier bod once im done with all those intense trainings! BOO-YAH!

2) Set S.M.A.R.T goals.

That being said, having new resolutions are good but having SMART ones are more important. Dont be the kind who sets ridiculous targets (like trying to lose 50kg in 4 months) when you yourself know your priorities/work doesnt quite allow you to. Although its good to set a “benchmark” you wanna achieve, 12 months is a lot of time, so plan your goals wisely. 

By the way, S.M.A.R.T stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reasonable and Time.

3) Start back small. Go easy on the training.

Yes, you may have ran 42km in under 4 hours, deadlifted 130kg or performed 200 chin ups before. But when starting up from a lull period (what more a holiday festive break), its important to give your body some time of running in. Take a slow run/jog or start with lighter weights first. You dont have to prove to anyone, really. Its all about your body, your pace. The last thing you want is to injure yourself in the early months of the year thus rendering you “crippled” from reaching your set goals.

Furthermore, if you had expected more from yourself, you would just feel demoralized and probably wont feel good about your performance. Which could make you believe that its pointless to train any more. Just saying.

4) Eat fresh & sleep tight.

Probably one of the hardest thing for most people to follow but you should start to learn and love to eat fresh foods. Out with the McBurgers or Finger lickin’ good chicken drumsticks. Eating proper food and having adequate rests really helps your body get back into that healthy shape you were in before the holidays. I once tried going Fast Food Free for 4 months and it felt REALLY REALLY GOOD. Somehow, your body would feel much more energetic and less lethargic. Well, at least for me that is and i believe it would do the same for you.

5) Get a training buddy.

As the saying goes, “If you want to go FAST, go alone. If you want to go FAR, go with a team.”. No doubt you can always train on your own at your own pace etc, but when it comes to that critical point where some “push” is needed, thats where having a training buddy comes in handy. A training buddy would make sure that both of you keep up the tempo in your training and help you if you cant lift that weight etc. Most importantly, have a training buddy who has similar goals as you do so that both of you will be moving in the same direction.

6) Be mentally prepared.

Linking back to point number 4, being mentally prepared helps your body gets in the mood to run, bike, swim, workout and whatever you have planned to do. Many times, I personally went into a gym with such low morale (not necessarily because of fitness, but it could be due to stress at work etc) and my whole training was terrible. I didnt know what to do, what am i going to train and lifting those weights felt like a chore.

I would not want you to experience the same situation as me as not only does it waste your energy but also you time, which could have been used to do something else more productive and one which would ease your mind first.

7) E-N to the JOY

en-joy (verb): to experience with joy; take pleasure in.

Lastly, it is most important that you have fun and enjoy the whole process of your training. Yes, training might be a pain in the ass, it might make your muscles sore, i might make you gasp for breath but like many other things out there, what isnt hard? The thing that would cause someone to quit training or give up on it is when he/she starts to feel that it is a great burden to work towards their goals. Dont let that happen to you.


With those 7 TIPS, i hope that you will find your 1st gear to get you going and ultimately fulfill your resolutions for the year. I know that some of these might seem layman OR simple OR EVEN what-the-hell-i-know-that-too kinda tips, but its these simple things in life that sometimes we tend to overlook/forget. And thus, never get started any time soon… Hahaha!



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