Added 3 NEW Races on our Running Calendar! + some other updates!

You guys gotta try iFLY. Besides being just FUN and AWESOME, it requires great body balance, stability, core and also psycho-motor skillzzzz…. Just saying.

Ahhh, its the new year and personally for me, school season beckons. SHUCKS! But i must say that i am grateful for all the comments, emails and well-wishes i received over this busy period. Some alerted me regarding certain updates on new races while others cheered on the site and have subscribed to the blogsite. Thank you all.

No doubt that i have been running less (because its only the first month of the year and im kinda doing the updating of the race schedules alone) i HAVE been doing my own small trail runs in Bukit Timah Hill. Lately, i started back my swim training and its been a fruitful week of fitness, coming into 2012. 

Just so you know, this blog is meant for MORE THAN just about running alone. My friends and i hope that through our sharing, and experience, we not only MOTIVATE but also INSPIRE you to pick up your running/sports shoe and head out there and run/workout. You are never too late to start, we’d say. 😉

I have added 3 new races are updated on the 2012 Running Calendar:

  1. 24/03/12 – Ultra-Trail Lantau50 (HK)
  2. 08/07/12 – Jurong Lake Run 2012
  3. 01/05/12 – SIS Age Group Run 10K
  4. 15/07/12  – SIS Age Group Run 15K
Also, do check out for your latest and (monthly updated) WORKOUT SONGS! Now, if you are still undecided of what songs are good togo for your runs and workouts, Run Hundred’s monthly update on the latest hits would do the trick.
But it would be cool if we had this App on the Android or Apple store for our region though. =/


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