CIRCUIT TRAINING…for the Ladies!

by Guest & Fitness writer – Farhan Juan M.

No, this is NOT Farhan Juan M.

Because recently, someone commented and asked us:

“Is there any way you can write about circuit training or any circuit training groups happening in Singapore especially for ladies?”

Thus, I decided to do some research and give you ladies out there a better understanding on Circuit Training. Ladies, enjoy the read… 🙂

I am sure many of you have heard of the term circuit training (CT) and may not have a clue what it really is all about. As the name implies, it incorporates a circuit (not the electric kind though!) or a cycle of different exercises into its program; in other words, a combination of both cardiovascular and resistance training.

An important characteristic of CT is its short rest periods (15-30s) between the six or more exercises in one circuit/cycle/set. Rest between each set circuit is usually about 60 to 120 seconds. A typical exercise program works out the whole body. The high tempo nature of the program keeps the heart rate up throughout its whole duration, and burns a lot more calories.

What are the benefits of CT?

  1.  Allows personalization and easy modification/interchangeable with any kind of exercise.
  2. Requires only a short period of time to work out the whole body.
  3. Good for muscular endurance and cardiovascular training.
  4. Can be done anywhere (not limited to the gym area)

However if you are looking to build on bulk and maximal strength, this may not be the most appropriate program for you. For those doing CT, it is important to note that the right form and posture should be maintained at all times.

An example of a simple no-frills, 30-min CT program. Taking a 15 seconds rest between EACH form of exercise.:

  • Push-ups X 20 (approx. 30s)
  • Crunches X 20 (approx. 30s)
  • Lunges X 20 (approx. 30s)
  • 7. Superman X 20 (approx. 30s)
  • Buddha Clap X 20 (approx. 30s)
  • Jumping Jacks X20 counts of four (approx. 30s)
  • 1.5 minutes of rest. (Completion of 1 circuit; approx. 6 mins total time taken)

You should perform five circuits, which will equate to 30 minutes of total full body workout. Feel free to experiment with your own combinations! Well I hope this article has been insightful to you, and now you know you have no excuse not to keep yourself fit!

Also, if you’re beginning to kick start your workout/fitness regime, do check out the VERY USEFUL TIPS to getting back on track (click link): 7 TIPS To Getting Back On Track This New Year!

Im sure for the guys, its pretty easy to head down to any gyms and complete your own circuit cause, thats just what guys do in the gym. But for ladies, here are some circuit training groups happening in Singapore especially for ladies!

  1. True Fitness – Freestyle Cardio-Resistance-Based Programmes
  2. Fiesta-Fitnes – Zumba®in the Circuit
  3. SWEAT – Circuit Training
  4. Aidah Mobile Fitness (Circuit training is one of her specialities)
With that, hope you all have a great day! Check out the video above. Pretty intense!


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