Mixed Martial Arts: Choosing The Right Trainers

People have been asking me why I delve into the realm of martial arts and all these fighting disciplines like Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Thing about me is that i had always been fascinated and WOW-ed by a fighter’s physique. Well, just take a look at Bruce Lee or Mitch Chilson – simply ripped and is epitome of fit.

Bruce Lee and Mitch Chilson

Going for martial arts classes or picking up such sports DOES NOT make you a badass punk nor turn you into a Hulk when you’re mad. Doing martial arts is certainly very different from what many might think. The purpose and benefits of training in a martial arts discipline outweighs its unsavory image of blood, gore and more blood. Believe it or not, learning martial arts kinda sets you in a calm state of mind and a feel good endorphin rush as you complete it.

Personally, I have been training at Evolve MMA Academy, learning Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu there. I have rubbed shoulders with one of the great trainers there who’ll be taking part in the upcoming ONE FC – a mixed martial arts event staged right here in Singapore! Eddie “The Magician” Ng– this guy trained me in his FIGHT SHAPE class and it was AWESOME.

Eddie “The Magician” Ng

Coming out of his 1 hour class would often see me all perspiring and smiling to myself because i survived his High Intensity Training (HIT) Fight Shape class. Well, along with 10+ other students ranging from 13-year old kids to working women that is.

That being said, i think its important to get a solid, down to earth and great trainer when it comes to picking up martial arts as a sport. I believe there are 3 main things to look out for when choosing or training with a martial arts trainer: CHEMISTRY, EXPERIENCE & FUN.


Just like in any relationship, chemistry is essential between a student-trainer too. You know, sometimes there are some of these trainers who come across as arrogant and in it for the money. You can tell (or sometimes SMELL) by the way the trainers interact with the students (or even you) as they impart their skills during the training sessions. If you ever come across such people, you know that is a sign to say Bye Bye. I’m sure you can do better with a trainer who makes you feel at home even though you know that he is probably gonna “kill you” during that session.

Find trainers who inspire you with more than just certificates, accolades or physique. Get the ones who is driven to change YOU and inspire YOU on a whole different level.


Experience counts. Its important to have trainers who KNOW and UNDERSTAND their discipline VERY well. There is a clear line between an experienced martial artists and one who is not. Trainers who have never fought in their entire career can never be deemed as experienced to me, because seriously, that’s how it rolls isn’t it? Someone who has been through a fight or competition (win, lose or draw) has much more knowledge in imparting training methods to you than someone who is merely a textbook “fighter”.

3) FUN

Lastly, as i always emphasize in any sports which i pick up, it is important to enjoy your training. No point going through it, feeling bruised and battered but you don’t feel fun. Mentally, you would not want to go for it again and that would be the start of you not coming back for training. True story.

Till next time, Guten Tag and train hard! 

Choose the right trainers


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