REVIEW: Domino’s Pizza (now HALAL)

(Food review by – Nash A.)

Domino's Pizza

Health Freak, Pizza. Pizza, Health Freak?

I’m sure most readers are thinking, “WHY ARE WE covering fast food? Must be losing their marbles!” Believe me, when the team was approached to cover the story, we thought, how could we? When it is almost completely against our belief of healthy living? After much consideration and research, (plus the tasting offer) we JOGGED down over to Domino’s Tampines branch over @ Blk 462, Street 44.

Pizza is fast or junk food?

It is an answer that could go both ways.

The Crust

Hawaiian on The Crust

This first main component of pizza is the crust. This is the “grain” part of its inclusion in the Four Food Groups. Those old guidelines recommended consuming four servings of “whole grain or enriched grains” each day.

The choice of the crust will determine how much fat, carbs and calories you are exposing yourself to. At Domino’s there are 4 choices,Classic Hand Toss, Crunchy Thin Crust, New York and Cheese Burst.

Healthier Choice: Thin Crust.

The Toppings

Classic Chic: Lots more greens: Lot less fatty

This is where the “meat’ portion of pizza comes from, at least if a meat topping is added to the pizza.

Pepperoni and sausage are the most common meat toppings. These are both highly process meats, containing excessive amounts of saturated fat, salt, and possibly nitrates. Try as much not to eat these, as any more, you’re eating junk food.

At Domino’s, toppings are aplenty. Menu lists mostly contains olive, which are very healthy food due to their healthy fat content. Fruits are a bonus as well, with green and red capsicum providing the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

The Preparation

Cooking Spray Alternative: Corn Meal

Ever wondered the stuff they used to cook the pizza? To ensure it doesn’t stick to the pan, usually the cooks will use the cooking spray, which may contain that additional fats. While at Domino’s, they use corn meal, a definite healthier option than cooking spray.


  1. Domino’s has this new GPS Tracker (Great Pizza Service) which allows the customers to monitor the progress of their orders!!
  2. New and revamped online ordering system
  3. Nett pricing. No hidden charges. No GST/Service charge
  4. Domino’s has a comprehensive nutritional gauging page dedicated to those who wants to monitor by the gram – MUST CLICK HERE!

Thin crust in ma Mouth!!

In short, its all about the choices you make. Pick toppings that are nutritious, contains less salt and preservatives, choice of crusts and add ons. Despite being a PIZZA  restaurant, Domino’s will ensure guilt free pizza experience with their freshest and healthier choice ingredients. PLUS its HALAL 😛

Even the fittest of athletes have their indulges. The only thing left to do is to burn it all of ASAP. That’s how i roll.

Thus, enjoy the meal but consider all the factors for a guilt free indulgence.


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