FITNESS: SH’BAM Master Class with Michelle Dean (Les Mills Training Director) @ True Fitness

True Fitness

(By Female Guest Writer – Farah E.)

True Fitness at Suntec City opened its studio doors to an exclusive SH’BAM class! Sh-what? The latest dance-inspired workout to hit True Fitness, the launching class saw a fully-registered class of 60, all ready and geared up to conclude their Monday on a sweating good note.

The pumped up 45-minutes long class was led by Michelle Deans, training director of Les Mills, together with instructors of True Fitness. The moves are simple, require no particular technique and most importantly, easy to follow. Combine these simple moves and you get a really hot workout, burning an average of 500 calories! I couldn’t decide if it was the infectious energy of the instructors or the good remixes of the playlist, but it felt more like a party than a group exercise class.

Les Mills Sh'bam

More than just a physical workout, SH’BAM, like any other dance workout, provides a good platform for relaxation of the mind. As an avid dancer, be it in fitness clubs or night clubs (heh), there is something liberating about letting go to the music, focussing on moving my body. What better way than to burn calories and fats and increase one’s stamina and cardiovascular fitness?

Most times I am so into it, I even forget I am exercising! It is probably the reason why dancing is my favourite cardio workout. While minutes might feel like forever on the treadmill, I barely noticed how 45 minutes of SH’BAM flew by. SH’BAM is perfect for any individual; whether you are looking for variety in your workout, looking for a start somewhere to embark on a journey to a fitter self or simply out to have fun and meet more people!

Michelle Dean (Les Mills Training Director)

Keep a lookout for SH’BAM classes on True Fitness’ Group X schedule and make a date. Be sure to be in for a SH’BAM-ing fun time. Keep sexy, people!


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