RUN: The Nike Goddess 5K


Event: The Nike Goddess 5
When: Saturday, 14th April 2012
Where: Sentosa (Wavehouse)
What Distance: 5km
Who: A ladies only running event. Guys can come down as well and look after your GF, spouse’s bags in the mean time.
Why: Because the men don’t get it. Also its a great run for the ladies without having the uneasy feeling of guys checking you run.

Register at: Nike Goddess 5K 2012

As like all Nike runs, registration slots are normally taken up very quickly. So do not hesitate, grab somebody (your BFF, ladies) and sign up for the Nike Goddess 5K now!

Nike Goddess 5K 2011 - Great run!

Still in doubt, read more about LAST YEAR’S NIKE GODDESS 5K RUN, as covered by one of our female runners – Gisete!

I guess my enthusiasm rubbed off on my mom and she has signed up for it with my aunt. Nyehehehe… 🙂


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