EVENT: Mission Foods Beach Netball Festival 2012

(Coverage by our Netballing enthusiast – Lynn A)

Sunday, 18 March 2012 – The Mission Foods Beach Netball was held on 18 March 2012 at Siloso Beach. Is started off as a sunny day and many teams were psyched to start playing. As one of the participants, my team was also psyched to start it off well and hope to go to the Winner Pool. Our first match didn’t start as fantastic as we drew with the opposing team. Subsequently, we lost the other match and won the last two matches.

This led us to be in the Lower Pool which is not a bad thing as the top 3 of the Loser Pool will still get prizes. The second half of the event started off after lunch. After a few games, it started to pour and the games had to be stopped due to lightning hazard. After waiting for more than half-an hour, the games were resumed and my team finally managed to get third after the whole event.

In all, I think the games are not bad though I think the organizers can do a better job at planning the event. For instance, they can extend the games instead of 6 minutes to 7 or 8 minutes as the playing time is too short. And the scoring methods can be better too as the scores do not tally at times. In all, it is a good experience.


About the event:

Forty teams participated across three categories – Women’s Open, Mixed Open and Women’s U23, with each team playing at least ten matches during the day and all aiming for the top prize of $1,000 along with a host of goodies from sponsors Mission Foods, Banana Boat and Fitness First.

It wasn’t only the winning teams that got their hands on some prizes. All teams were presented with a Mission Foods hamper containing their latest delights. Additionally, third placed teams received $300 dollars and second placed teams walked away with $500 and Banana Boat products.

For more information on Netball Singapore, go to www.netball.org.sg
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