EVENT: Strongman Challenge 2012 – Strength in Pictures

Saturday, 24th March 2012 – Strongman Challenge 2012 finals kicked off to a great success with Jen Li Sheng & Sophia Ong Hwee Szee being crowned as Singapore’s Strongest Man and Woman 2012 respectively. Over 2000 spectators and supporters turned up for the event held at Toa Payoh HDB Hub, the same venue where it was held last year. This year’s event sported some new segments and of course, the Strongest Woman Challenge too, first of its kind here in Singapore.

From pulling a Mazda car to lifting 300kg metal barrels to even flipping a 350kg tyre six times, these finalist are indeed champions already. You think that carrying those groceries for your mum is heavy, now i guess you got no excuse for that. Anyways here are some of the spectacular highlights by the finalists:

Wani pulling the Mazda CX-7.

Sulaiman with the 120kg logs each.

Sophia Ong with the 2 x 50kg logs.

Pulling the Red Rhino + Police vehicle. Total weight: 6 tonnes

350kg tyre. He's gonna "eat" it, right.

Hayati from Alphafit lifting the 150kg tyre. Check her out at http://www.alphafit.sg/

The Yoke Walk. 300kg of metal. Unlimited amount of strength and determination.

Time to put those 100kg tin cans into the slots.

Team Titans.

The Bodybuilding segment. BEEFCAKE! Just the boys doing their thing.

All smiles and happy faces here at the Strongman Challenge finals!

(All photos are taken by 2 of our photographers of the day Bahk and Ardi)

In other Regional Strongman news, Ahmad Taufiq from Singapore won the “Orang Kuat Sabah” or Sabah’s Strongest Man competition held in, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. He beat 21 other Strongmen to claim the title. The defending champion proved he was the man to beat by leading in Day 1 of the competition. And in Day 2, the champion held his position and pipped Farizus Lakong from Brunei by 1 point to win competition.

Taufiq who trains at SG Titans and The Pit is a well known Strongman in the community. Despite his win and many other personal achievements, the Strongman remains humble and is often seen sharing his knowledge and tips of fitness with the younger, newer guys. Truly, a great sportsman he is. Congratulations Taufiq!! 😀

Ahmad Taufiq - Orang Kuat Sabah Champion! Again!

Check out his post on HUMILTY done sometime back. A very good read: Humility….a prized asset.


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