HYPE: The ONE Fighting Championships: War of the Lions

The ONE Fighting Championships: War of the Lions (31st March 2012 @ The Singapore Indoor Stadium)

With just days away from Asia’s Largest Mixed Martial Arts event, I’m pretty stoked to say the least. Happening on the 31st of March at 7pm at Singapore Indoor Stadium, ONE FC is more than just a legalized “Fight Club”. Its a waterhole for the Mixed Martial Arts enthusiast around the the world to gather and enjoy what they love doing.

With ONE FC’s star-studded line-up of Asia’s best professional MMA fighters, you can expect awesome rounds of exhilarating fights and showmanship and possibly knockouts too! Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing my Fight Shape trainer – Eddie “The Magician” Ng compete against  Muay Thai specialist Jian Kai Chee from Muayfit.

After truly enjoying my short but nonetheless exciting stint at Evolve MMA (POMO branch), I must admit, mixed martial arts is a really fascinating sport and a great way to up your level of fitness. Be it your goal to lose weight (yes, i’ve seen my friends shed those pounds through MMA) OR to get that ripped fighter’s body OR simply to learn a new sport, Mixed Martial Arts is indeed a good way to start. (Read: Mixed Martial Arts: Choosing The Right Trainers)

And to those MMA Enthusiast or looking forward to catching the event, LIVE streaming is available for the selected countries below via their YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/ONEFCmma.

Sadly, the streaming is geo-blocked in Singapore and Japan (i.e as networks prefer to call it – restrict access to their online videos outside the territories where they hold the rights).

LIVE Streaming commences at:

8:00 PM – Kuala Lumpur

1:00 PM – London

8:00 AM – New York City

5:00 AM – San Francisco



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