EVENT: Maserati 5K Road Race in Jakarta

Maserati 5K Montage

Sunday, 1st April 2012 – With exams round the corner in late April and having just completed a truck load of essays, I needed a break. I need a short getaway to be more precise. After checking my budget and places i had in mind, I settled for Jakarta. But I needed more than just a “vacation”. I needed to run. Luckily for me, a good friend in Jakarta informed me of the Maserati 5K Road Race happening on 1st of April 2012. Best of all, it was a charity run. Thus, I gathered 2 other friends and we headed down to the bustling city of Jakarta soon after. 🙂

Running in an unfamiliar place/terrain is always exciting.

The feel and set up of the race is totally different from that in Singapore. Closed roads were just marked and indicated by cones (not the metal barricades) and that we collected our race packs and paid on the day itself, just minutes from the flag-off time. I dont think you can get that kind of service in Singapore. Can you?

Also, the bibs weren’t equipped with electronic tags nor do you have any tags to clip onto your shoes. Seems very basic and unmodernized and low-tech, but i love it cause when i started out running in Singapore, we had all this electronic gadgets and tags. Its back to basic, right here in Jakarta. 🙂

Here are some of the photos which we managed to snap during the event:

The hustle and bustle before the run

Gentlemen, start your engines.

With some of our Indonesian friends made before the run

Push cart food stall by the road. How quaint.

Thats right boys....thats right....

Off the ground, gliding.

The Family Fun Run. And the kids received a Maserati medal! >;(

With the organizer of the run whom we liaised with for the race

Taufiq from SAA, Afrizal, Tristan from Nike and I. Post-race meet up. 😀

All in all, we had a fun run-holiday in Jakarta. First time being in Jakarta and also our first time going for a run there. Running in Singapore is fun too but due to the limited and typical routes of Nicoll Highway to Marina Bay area etc, running in Singapore is becoming a little too predictable and at times mundane (especially if the organizers dont make effort to spice up the routes).

No doubt most avid runners run races because of passion, but for me, when i go for my runs, i love to to soak in the atmosphere, culture and buzz that’s happening on the ground. (A good example would be the 2010 Nike We Run SG 10KRunning similar routes over and over again can be dull. And we all know that banal routine kills. So time to freshen up and look abroad for races overseas if you have been running in Singapore for……ever.

Some overseas run/races to look forward to:

Till next time, Guten tag and Run happy! 

We Came, We Ran, We Completed. Thats right...

Gears Used: 

Taufiq – Asics Lyteracer

Afrizal – Nike LunarEclipse+2

Nabil – Adidas adiZero Feather


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