TGIF: Don’t Be That Awkward Runner

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Its Friday! Friday! Kicking about on Friday!

TGIF for most of you who isn’t working shift on a Saturday or Sunday. If you’re reading this post here right now, chances are you are probably someone who’s into running or health and fitness in general. Even if you are not, it must have been  by some Divine intervention that you chanced upon this blog, reading this post right now, wherever you are. Don’t stop, keep on reading.

For some, you might be thinking of going for a short run before chilling out with friends over the weekend. Or have just simply signed up for one of the many weekend running events happening right here in our little puny island we call home…or not. For many, running is a way for you to keep yourself healthy, fit and/or looking good. But here’s the thing – though we all want to achieve that nice, healthy glow AFTER our runs, the way you run has got to be good looking too! Just like the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy”He sure knows how to pull it off.

Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

Anyways, like most Singaporeans, we want to look good while running. Well, just take a look at the runners in a race the next time you go for one and you’ll see that most are decked in bright coloured tees & shoes, donning fancy gears and for some (like me), bring along a camera to capture moments.

Here’s my tip: Always (TRY TO) smile when you run.

Besides the fact that it shows a cheerful disposition, it helps when it comes to some candid shots taken by the sports photographers wherever they may be. At least you wont look all messed up and errr….. not-so-fabulous.

That being said, i chanced upon this video and it gives one a better understanding of the different types of runners that you SHOULD NOT be. Don’t be that awkward runner! You’ve been warned!

Have a great weekend ahead people! 🙂

…..Or you can choose to wear a mask and run. Totally fab.


One thought on “TGIF: Don’t Be That Awkward Runner

  1. Thanks for the advice guys… if it were that simple! Just smile… When I recently ran the Run350, a friend took photos and the only time I could smile was when I was walking! OK, maybe I go try to smile throughout my short 3km run now…

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