RACE: The Energizer Singapore Night Trail 2012 experience

(Covered by Eddy the Runner)

Being a night trail run, one might expect runners to lose their bearings at the admin points, just before the start of the race. However, the race organizers did a great job in marshaling us to the starting pens and I must say that the race was very well-organized. 🙂

Anyways, the race was exciting and so far, i really can’t think of any bad points of the race. Nonetheless, below are the pluses of the Energizer Singapore Night Trail 2012!

1) Extensive range of free food and drinks.

I mean, on top of that, runners are able to buy Ramly burger and Old Chang Kee snacks! Good (sinfully delicious!) stuff for a post-race meal! Or mini-meal for that matter. 😛

2) Great running route that is not commonly used

Running the same old route over and over again can be quite a bore. Especially in Singapore, where the races or trail runs are typically held at along the same routes. But the organizers for the ESNT 2012, did a great job in planning a route which, not so many people would have experienced. Naice!

3) Enthusiastic marshals and volunteers and Super supporting Emcee

Marshals and volunteers did a fantastic job in orienteering and keeping the the runner’s spirits high. The Super supporting emcee was also a plus point. Together, they liven up the atmosphere of the night race.

4) Well organised shuttle buses

With a location like Mandai, its rather hard for runners to get to it. I mean, its not like its a Marina Bay where theres a plethora of options to choose from to get to it. Thus, the well-organised shuttle buses ferrying the runners to and from the race village was indeed a plus point for me. 🙂

All in all, I enjoyed the run and the finisher’s medal is super nice! Its the Energizer mascot! Pretty cool huh! Looking forward to next year’s Energizer Singapore Night Trail run! See ya!


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