EVENT: True Fitness MegaCombat 2012

(Coverage by Farah E.)

19 May 2012 – About 600 people turned up at the Fountain of Wealth for the biggest BodyCombat event in Singapore. Organised by True Fitness, it is a yearly event that sees an overwhelming response. This would be my first year attending and was I so glad I had the opportunity to.

LesMill’s BodyCombat is an intense, high impact cardio workout. Be prepared to burn calories as one experiences a fusion of martial arts ranging from karate, boxing, taekwando, tai chi and muay thai. Putting one’s strength, speed and coordination to test, I’d say it takes a certain fitness level to really benefit from the programme.

I remember my first BodyCombat class (a year ago); I had aches in parts of my body I didn’t know existed. But I never looked back since, and while BodyCombat has its many benefits, my favourite would be toning and shaping of key muscle groups. I guess they don’t call Denise Keller “Queen of BodyCombat” for nothing – love her toned and lean arms!

Gracing the event were Beam Artistes Tara Rushton, Paul Foster, May and Choy
and it would be incomplete without a short speech from the charming CEO Mr Patrick Wee himself. There was great energy in the atmosphere and it was fueled by the zing and spirit of the True Fitness BodyCombat instructors leading the crowd. If the weather was hot, we were definitely hotter!

Nothing to make my weekend better than a fantastic workout and be “rewarded”
with a goodie bag. I love free stuff; who doesn’t, and all this for free if you are a True Fitness member. No reason for you not to consider signing up, get fit the True way by joining their BodyCombat classes and be in the loop for more exciting events.

See you at Mega Combat 2013! 🙂


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