REVIEW: Adidas goes Minimalist – the adipure Trainers

Fitness enthusiasts, HEADS UP! Adidas has unveiled its latest range of training gear – the adipure Trainers. The first natural-style training shoe designed specifically for the gym, these shoes were surprisingly very comfortable to wear. And according to the guys from Adidas, the adipure Trainer promotes natural movement by harnessing the body’s natural mechanics thus activating and strengthening muscles.

Like most “minimalist training shoes”, it uses your foot’s natural power and movement that will help you strengthen muscles you never knew you had in your feet, lower legs and throughout your core. Featuring an independent toe separation design and a quarter-inch minimalistic profile, the adipure Trainer allows an athlete’s foot to be close to the ground for optimal speed, balance and agility during a workout. 

For me, one of the plus points of these adipure trainers is that it provides real comfort around the ankle and balls of the feet as you skip, do your clean and jerks and even squats. It has a nice clean and natural feel, providing protection for the skin while still maintaining solid traction with the ground and durability.

It comes in 4 different colour combinations (although I heard that the blue and red are not in stores just yet). Retailing at S$169, you can get your adipure trainers at all leading sports shops and adidas boutiques.

One should not just know how to run but also know how to be functional in your movements and training. Personally, I advocate Total Fitness rather than just being real good in a single particular sport. 



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