GYM EVENT: Flame Freeze Indoor “Triathlon”

(Article by Nash A.)

7th June 2012 – The venue, the newly formed Celebrity Gym @ E!Hub, Downtown East. The mission, experience the Columbia Omni-Freeze Ice Technology, via completing the Singapore First Indoor Triathlon. Bil and I, entered the gym and we were completely overwhelmed by the place. With the inviting layout of the space, lavish looking designs of the walls and BIG-SCREENED MONITORS PLACED ON THE TREADMILL WITH INTERNET CAPABILITIES! Gaaaah!

It was like a big playground, regal looking playground, jaws were dropping, I swear. “It is designed to make each and every gym users feel special, feeling like a million bucks, aptly put like a Celeb”, said Tony Pickering, the Managing Director(Singapore) Celebrity Fitness. I couldn’t agree more.

With us still in awe, Columbia representatives handed out our gear for the day: The Columbia Omni-Freeze Ice Baselayer. The moment we fitted it over our body, in an instant, we “froze” over. Besides the fact that the gym was well air-conditioned, it certainly felt light and cooling all over.

So there were 3 functions:

  1. Strategically placed mesh for improved ventilation.
  2. Lowering of body temperature of the fabric to keep you cool.
  3. Wicks away moisture to keep you dry.

Now to get the sweat out, they unleashed Xabier and Fabiana, to bring the pain (and sweat of course). First up, cycling. 20 minutes of alternating speeds and intensity (interval training), following the rhythms of loud playing beats. Intense!!! My legs were really jelly after the session, yup the sweat kept coming alright!! Second comes the interval training (to simulate swimming). It was designed for MMA practitioners, and our butts got kicked…hard!!! Xabier came around to add intensity to the game. My body was screaming through the ordeal (though I liked it…) Luckily, Fabiana took over for the last 20 mins and we danced off the pain through aerobics.

The Bottom Line: Intense training + extreme perspiration = discomfort? Not with the Omni-Freeze. Cooling sensation troughout the triathlon and though it was soaking mid way through the ordeal, within minutes, I was dry again, ready for more.

The Men’s Baselayer Lightweight Short Sleeve Top($89.90). Comes in Blue and Black colours.

Editor’s note: Perhaps it could be the aircon environment some of us quipped. But after using the tee for some outdoor activities in HOT & HUMID Singapore, this product does prove its worth and indeed made our body feel a lot cooler. Truly proved its worth. 😛

Bonus: we were introduced to a new product called Chi Water, refreshing coconut water, 100% pure, it’s high in potassium and packed with electrolytes which keep your body rehydrated, vibrant and healthy. Fuuwah, felt like a million bucks! Thanks once again to Columbia, Celebrity Fitness and Chi Water. 🙂

Retails at all leading departmental stores. Estimated price ~$3.

From now to 29 February, Celebrity Fitness is offering a special founder membership package comprising a one-time joining fee of SGD 99 and SGD 108 membership fee per month for a year’s membership. After this limited offer is over, membership packages comprise a one-time joining fee of SGD 199 and SGD 139 monthly membership fee. Check them out on FB at


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