GEAR REVIEW: I tried to catch some fog but i mist it with Essilor’s Optifog

Not too sure how many of you got the pun in the title above, but to those who do, you’re awesome! Hahahaha! Anyways, like most doctors out there, I happen to be wearing a pair of spectacles and we all know how that kind of limits one’s movement in sports. Although certain sports (like rugby or BJJ) requires me to wear contact lens. Bo pian.

With my previous pair of spectacles looking like its been through a beating, I got myself a new pair of spectacles. But with a few “upgrades” on its lenses – cause its now equipped with Essilor’s Transition, AirWear AND Optifog technology! Woohoo! One protects your eyes from the glaring sun, one is virtually unbreakable and lastly, one prevents fog from building up and makes the lens hardy to all sorts of weather condition.

Yes, I am indeed wearing a pair spectacles lenses built for leisure, sports…and war.

Not these specs definitely!

More often than not, most of us might have heard or know of Essilor’s Crizal and Transition lenses from TV or print media. I was given the opportunity to equip my lenses with Essilor’s new Optifog technology – the anti-fog lenses suited for office workers or simply people who help put the hot stones in a sauna. All in all coupled with the Transition + Crizal properties, it was superbly nice wearing them for outdoor or indoor use.

Decided to give it a shot for sports use and here’s my take on it:

  1. Running on a hot humid day at times builds up some fog on the lenses. With the Optifog coated lenses, your vision is clear and I did not have to stop to wipe the “cloud” off.
  2. I went into a sauna once after a workout session at Celebrity Fitness Gym and amazingly, coming out of the hot room I was not blinded by the steam-generated fog! Woohoo!
  3. On a side note, the transition lenses worked perfectly. Especially useful for those who are active outdoors and do not like wearing contact lenses.

Transition lenses: All dark when the sun is out!

Of course, one can always choose to wear or use their typical normal lenses without such special properties. And if you’re an outdoor person, most often than not, you might just get a pair of shades. But hey, if you are like me and simply want a “ALL IN ONE” kind of spectacles/lens for both work and play, the Essilor’s Optifog and Transition lenses is a good deal. Minimize the hassle of having many different pairs of shades, contact lenses or spectacles for different usage.

Of course, with the anti-fog properties, you can enjoy cooking your steamed chicken or pau without having to wipe off that mist off your specs. 😉

You can get your very own Essilor’s Optifog lenses at Intergrated Eye Care Cetre @ Vivocity and all leading spectacle huts. 🙂


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