GEAR REVIEW: The Oakley Radarlock Path

(Article and review by Isaac L.)

Oakley says “YOUR MOVE, MOTHER NATURE” and you wonder why? I recently acquired the Radarlock from Oakley and I have tested out the latest technology of its so called switchlock. Radar is not a new kid on the block and has been around for years, but this time it has been redesigned with you guys in mind. It now comes with an very easy hinge-lock mechanism that releases its interchangeable lens in seconds.

I always have trouble changing lens on my previous Radar, M-frames and Half Jackets, Oakley says that this led to uneven pressures on the lens which caused optical distortions. The “Switchlock” mechanism of interchanging the lenses eliminates any distortion. So whats Switchlock? Dont be confused by all this terms. Switchlock allows the wearer to flip a lever, swing the temple piece open and release the lens without flexing or pulling on the frames. In the case of the RadarLock, the release lever is flush-mounted near the left-side temple hinge. To replace the lens, slide the lens interface into the frame opposite the Switchlock temple, slip it into the groove in the upper frame, and then swing the Switchlock temple closed.

A pin in the latching mech secures the lens laterally, while the groove in the frame keeps the lens in optical alignment without putting stress on it. See this is the mech that I am talking about, you will only find this on the left side of the frame. Please see how easy it is to change lens with this new technology at the video below, took me only 40secs or less. This is me changing the lense (even a klutz like me can do it)

On the previous Radar model, they had 3 optional lens version, this time Radarlock comes in Pitch and Path , if you are having the Radar XL, be reminded that the XL lenses will not fit the Radarlock because of the nose piece I tested the Radarlock under harsh condition like bringing it to the pool with me, long bike rides and even on my long runs. Surely I can tell you that this is my 2nd most favourite Oakley’s after M-Frame.

The nosebomb and earsocks really stays on your nose and face I brought them to my recent trip to Bali and even on my night runs to test out: Bali Island run, Pungol Night LSD run and Macritchie LSD run. Check out this picture of my sweat covered Radarlock, the earsocks and nosebomb just stayed on without slipping, now that’s comfort I don’t mind buying.

When you purchase this Oakley Radarlock it includes a protective case, a cleaning-cloth pouch and a second lens option. So no matter what the weather is, you will always be ready for Mother Nature! Also in light of the Olympic games, if you purchase a Radarlock, you’ll be getting a mini hand-held water bottle. Cute stuff you can bring along to your runs!

Do take note that despite a shared aesthetic between Radarlock and Radar, the lenses aren’t interchangeable between the two families. Earstem length is unchanged as well but the overall flex pattern is a little more even so athletes with wider heads should experience less unpleasant pinching.

My 2-cents worth on Radarlock: Oakley sunglasses have always been on the pricey side but once you wear a pair you’ll realise that it’s money well spent. The Radar looks and feels great as they fit so well you forget your’e wearing them…AND personally, the optics are awesome and 2nd to none. Now what am I going to do with my older Radar now… :/

So where can you get them babies? Please do check them out at your nearest Oakley distributors, price varies according to lenses. Do visit OakleySingapore and drop them a like or two. Below are the available colours! 🙂

Editor’s note: Isaac is an Ironman, Triathlete, Adventure Racer, Runner, Techgeek, Motivator Sleepathlete & Social Media Nut. Loves Twitter hates FB. follow him on Twitter here!


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