GEAR HYPE: Nike+ Innovation Arsenal

In conjunction with the London Olympics 2012, NIKE is firing on all cylinders. From head to toe, NIKE is suiting up their athletes (and those who aspires) with superior performance. Pushing technology to the limit. From dynamic cable strings, knitted fibres, breathable kicks, aero-dynamic compression suits-you name it, NIKE aims to beat it.

From the recent Sports Innovation Exibition @ Peranakan Place (you can read that story here), Matt Nordstrom, Senior Designer/Apparel Innovation, guided us through the series of innovations up for the this season of sporting excellence.

Matt Nordstrom, Senior Designer/Apparel Innovation

Here is the complete rundown of the gears out in stores soon. (Heads up – pictures galore!):


The most complete track suit fresh out of the NIKE Lab. It even went through the wind tunnelling treatment! With the AEROWIFT Golfball Technology, it simulates the “dimples” effect. “The main purpose of dimples is to reduce the drag and help the ball fly farther. Actually, dimpled golf balls experience about half the drag as those with no dimples.” – American Institute of Physics. (Imagine Tiger Woods whipping you across the tracks, yeah just like that)

Aside from the dimples, it incorporates the body zoning tech, tuning each part of the body as the wearer braves the counter wind. Also, with its inside/outside finishing gives a new meaning to comfort.

Interesting note: The whole suit is actually made up 82% recycled polyester fabric and 13 recycled plastic bottles – thus we save Gaia altogether! What up! 😀

Nike Pro TurboSpeed Top

Nike Pro TurboSpeed Pants



One word – “Delish” (I’m a glutton. Don’t judge.) The one piece upper knitted construction made of polyester yarns seamlessly integrates areas of high breathability, stretch, and support where you need it most. Hooah! (Pacino style). Mix that with the waffle soles that was born out of a rubber in waffle toast experiment that went totally right! Imagine, light cotton-candies (at only 160grams!) plus waffles (durable traction) on your feet…sweet! You hungry now?

It’s a no brainer for someone who likes the feel awe-so-natural.

The Nike Flyknit, marathon racing shoe

Waffles (Soles) Anyone?



Introducing the latest of NIKE’s performance shoes this season: LUNARGLIDE+4. With the iconic lime green striking colours (where it contains reflective elements which allows visibility in low-lighting environments). Strategically designed foam heels which adapts to the wearer’s  heel tactility.

In this instalment, Dynamic Flywire Technology makes its maiden voyage. Customizable through the laces, it provides adaptive fitting, giving it a glove-like fit. Further tech specs as per picture.

Run Long. Stay Strong.

Nike LunarGlide+ 4 with Lunarlon

You can check out the Nike gears at all Nike boutiques stores around the Island.

All in all, it looks like an aggressive attempt by the NIKE Forces to spread their excellent technological breakthroughs across the globe. Looking forward to the winning Olympians brandishing their “suits of armour” tailored by the Goddess of Victory, Nike.

Agni (from Indonesia) who was supposed to be Nabil’s running buddy in the 21km SCMS 2011 came down too!

The Nike ladies

(Gear review and hype by Nash A.)


One thought on “GEAR HYPE: Nike+ Innovation Arsenal

  1. I think Nike is definitely pioneering the quantifiable self movement (, especially with the new Lunar Glide. It’s really interesting to watch them come out with their newest technology that helps runners/athletes measure/improve their workouts.

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