OPINIONS: Of Paralympics and Post Olympics Thoughts by Team SingaSports

Perhaps some of you might not be aware but the Paralympics Games 2012 is happening right now – 29 August to 9 September in London! It might not have gotten much fanfare from most media but I feel that such athletes should deserve as much coverage and perhaps even greater respect.

Putting their perceived limitations aside, they perform the impossible. Running, swimming, BJJ, cycling and even picking up archery, these abled bodied men and women certainly get my utmost respect for their courage, perseverance and determination. They have indeed shown that Sport doesn’t care who you are – Everyone can take part.

Check out the games and support these athletes here: http://www.london2012.com/paralympics/sports/

On a separate note, the Olympics are over. Done and dusted, there have been much issues talked about right here in Singapore about Olympics and our Olympians. What do our team have to say about it? Read on.

CJ’s Olympics thoughts:

It was no small feat for table tennis players Feng Tian Wei, Li Jia Wei and Wang Yue Gu to to win the a silver medal and two bronzes for the 2008 and 2012 Olympic games respectively.

However, while these are great achievements for the athletes themselves, and not so much a source of national pride. For Singapore to have that pride, the country has to channel more resources strategically in selected sports, and free herself of the traditional obsession with academics, to truly embrace professional sporting culture.

Only then, will the nation be able to push born and bred athletes to greatness.

Nash’s Olympics Thoughts:

Singapore have tasted the fruits of naturalisation within the sporting arena- two medals from the London Olympics. Such an achievement deserves quite an adulation, still, the issue of how deserving are we still persists within ourselves. Its time we step out of the foreign assimilation process and move forward towards evolving.

Though I would agree that Singapore’s attempt to heighten the locap playing field by injecting foreign talents into our system actually worked, it only sets as the first, spur of development and not a permanent fixture. Like our immune system, the players have to acclimatize, adapt, adopt the foreign doses.

Like the U.S gymnastic team, Gabby Douglas under the tutelage of Liang Chow, went full throttle for victory fuelled by passion and ambitions. She made the sacrifices and braved the pressure to taste Olympic Gold- the rite of passage of a National hero.

Nabil’s Olympics Thoughts:

First and foremost, I respect all athletes regardless of where they come from. But I feel that as a nation, we are too driven in “winning medals” and not caring about “how we get there”. Certainly we do not need to more “foreign exports” to win medals for us. We have more than enough people to select and represent Singapore on the global scale.

So what if we do not have Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt or Marcel Nguyen quality in our squad, and our athletes fail? One must not look at failure as the end of the road. Sports and fitness is a constant learning and upgrading. If we are hell bent on winning medals, why can’t we hire a ‘2nd best coach’ of the country rather than taking the easy road of bringing in a country’s ‘2nd team’ and play for us?

Just a saying.

True Story, bro.


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