All About Us!

Why We Run Network was founded and created in late October 2010, to promote the idea of incorporating SPORTS as a LIFESTYLE especially amongst the busy Singaporean.

From time to time, me and my partner, we take part in races, marathons (mostly for him, as i’m NOT that seasoned yet) and other forms of sports and activities. Be it rock climbing, soccer, rugby, trekking and even Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

What we do is we’ll write our experiences and reviews on the activity so that you will get a better understanding of the sport from be it from a Seasoned or Newbie point of view (POV). At times, we do product reviews and gears that we’re currently using (doesn’t matter how we get them) so as YOU would have a balanced and informed decision on whether to get the products off the shelves. As you do know, product advertising by the brand itself is mostly biased and one-sided. So yeah.

You might say that we might be getting products from bla bla bla thus we’ll have to write a beautiful essay on the products and all. BUT NO. We DO NOT believe in misleading our readers on ANY particular product OR races or activity that we do. We write honest reviews and if the product is bad, there is no two-ways around it to say that its good whatsoever. If cost/price does not justify the races, the classes, we’ll tell you so.

Ultimately, we hope that you enjoy a good read from us and make sports a part of your lifestyle. Thank you. And Guten Tag!

Something wicked, this way comes.


For any enquiry or business equiries, do email to us at:


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