Media and the Singapore Blogs Award 2011

We here at Why We Run Network believe that keeping fit and staying healthy doesnt have to be boring. We have shown that sports and an active lifestyle can be fun! And best of all, it is very easy for it to be a part of YOUR lifestyle too! This blog is headed by my partners and Iwith additional contributions by our friends, Twitter followers and blog readers – check out the Nike Goddess 5K RaceHumility….a Prized Asset and ShapeUp FitnessA blog by people, for the people. We believe that we should share our passion for an active lifestyle and sports. 🙂 Be it running, climbing, trekking, working out, or your quest to shed that pounds, it has to be fun. Most importantly, we do it cause we love to. We hope that you will be inspired by our stories and experiences  to adopt an active lifestyle, to make changes to the way we live, in big or small ways. As said earlier, we have gone the distance providing a new light to lifestyle. And also let’s change the idea of “lifestyle” lifestyle in the blogging world. Thank you for your support. 🙂

Yours sincerely,

Nabil R.

(Chief Writer & Editor)


Why We Run Network’s coverage and interview on the Strongman Scene in Singapore being selected as the main headline news in the online content curation service – Paper.Li on 24th August 2011. A site that tracks and features worthy sporting articles from around the world to be read by millions of readers – some as far away as Europe and the US.



                         Berita Harian, Ekstra column. Tuesday, 16th August 2011.                            Translation: Training even while fasting.


Our very own, running enthusiast and guru, Haffiz A. is mentioned on The Straits Times, Saturday edition, 11th June 2011. Giving tips and some advice on hill running.


Nabil R., the fitness junkie, appearing on My Paper (30th May 2011) regarding Kit Kat’s Art Jam session sometime back. His participation to enter Kit Kat’s competition representing sports as an everyday lifestyle  is truly pushing the boundaries of the blogging sphere. “Have a break & go run/workout” was his catch phrase and he hopes to keep it that way.

Check out the Kit Kat blog site & support Why We Run Network:


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