The Awesome Team

Nabil R.

(Editor-In-Chief & Fitness Freak)

I simply like keeping fit and trying out different workouts/sports. Call me a fitness freak but its really fun being one! From Running to Swimming to Kettlebells  and even Rock Climbing, working out and keeping fit is like a drug to me. Every repetitions, sets or kilometer completed gives me a great sense of accomplishment and awesomeness. And oh, i don’t drink gassy drinks and/or eat fast food. Healthy living a bit lah. 😀

Looking forward to run more races and go for more fitness courses to pursue my interest in this field. As of now, i guess its all about saving up to cater to my plans. Can’t wait to take part in a couple of interesting activities lined up in the weekends. Trying to fit in some Martial Arts class into my busy schedule too if possible! Trying to cross out somethings off my bucket list such as taking part in Marathon, Triathlon, Biathlon, Strongman competition and also Bungee Jumping just to name a few.  Awww~ yeah!

As Steve Cotter once said, “My mind was always on how to become more skillful and more athletic, flexible and conditioned. Never into bodybuilding, just performance.”. And  i simply second that.


Nash A.

(Co-Writer & our very own Sports Tech writer)

“What you GET by achieving your goals is not as important as what you BECOME by achieving your goals.” ~ Henry David Thoreau


Devina P.

(Guest Writer & Fitness/Running Enthusiast)

The name is Devina. I have been into fitness since I was young. I started out as a runner when I was still in school, never been much of a team-sports person. My career in fitness started when I was 18, in Australia, Melbourne. Fell in love with group fitness and I never looked back ever since then. As time passes I get to meet new people, a bunch of wonderful people who had made my fitness journey more fulfilling.

Till this date, I am still a runner, a group fitness instructor in Fitness First, a Crossfit and Strongman athlete, and a kettlebell plus TRX enthusiast. This year, I have been given an opportunity by these 2 boys to be a part of “Why We Run Network”. We dedicate this website to readers who fellow fitness enthusiasts and those who are keen to be more physically active and lead a better lifestyle. We recognized individuality and love to share with our readers our experiences of the sports/activities.

“There’s no time NOT to work out.”


Victor C.

(Guest Writer & a Fitness Coach)

I am not your average fitness coach – I strongly believe that you can be stronger, faster and healthier than you look without having to give your life up. Through this belief, i want to take you to where you want to be, at your own pace. Having an admirable physique and enjoying that piece of delicious chocolate cake at the same time is not impossible. The whole working experience? Like you are working towards the expectations of your own, and not someone else’s.

Currently, I am a Certified Level 1 King Sports International Coach and also a Certified TRX Suspension Training Instructor. When I am not lifting heavy stuff, coaching or expanding his knowledge, I’ll be out having a good time partying, chilling out to good music and food with his loved ones or being a superhero in the gaming world.

“Don’t let others see you for what you are. Rather, show them who you can be”


Farah Elektra

(Guest Writer who has an obsession with the gym. Haha!)

No photo of Farah could be uploaded at the present time. However, above is her  Super Heroine namesake – Elektra. A wannabe-victim of anorexia and bullimia in her teen years, Farah stands here today to proudly say that curves and chocolate ain’t no crime. Started exercising only when she was 18 and then got addicted to the satisfaction and the flush of endorphins afterwards, craving for more challenges as she discover how the body is an amazing machine. Now a member of California Fitness and an avid fan of Zumba Fitness – she cannot think of a way more fun and sexy to keep fit. She also enjoys Bodycombat and Abs Buns Thighs (ABT) classes too.

As she cannot boast about her marathon achievements or her strict diet, she eats happy and works out happy. However, since being a part of Team Awesome it has inspire her to new & greater heights of fitness.

“Never let anyone make you feel you deserve something you don’t want.”


Farhan Juan M.

(Guest Writer who is well trained in Silat and an all-rounder)

I am currently an undergrad majoring in Communication and I aspire to be a sports journalist. I love writing as it gives me the avenue to express my thoughts and ideas about things. Sports is my passion because I like the adrenaline rush it gives me. I’m currently active in silat, especially in school and have participated in the recent IVP tournament winning Bronze. Other than silat, I also enjoy running and working out at the gym. Occasionally I swim, play football, and rock climb. I have been a FISAF-certified Fitness Leader and Personal Trainer since 2010. My other qualifications include SNCS Level 1 and am also CPR trained. Sports takes up part of my time. If I am not doing sports, I watch football and study its tactics. I also enjoy watching tennis.

Some people find exercising a drag but I actually enjoy it! Getting myself soaked in sweat, muscles pumped up is my idea of a good time. I usually run at least once a week (clocking about 10-15 km) and go to the gym twice a week. I also have silat trainings twice a week. This might seem a lot but it isn’t really, and its a lot of fun.

“Find something you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life” – Harvey MacKay


7 thoughts on “The Awesome Team

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  2. Hi Nabil and team,

    My name is Andrea from True-Incomm and we represent an international sporting label.

    In this new era, social media and blogs are the platform for many brands and labels to advertise on their products.
    Hence, on their behalf, we would like to express our interest in engaging sports enthusiast and bloggers in mind alike to endorse for their products and label.

    We discover your blog online and it would be great if you can share with us some details about your site such as:
    • Number of followers and their demographics.
    • Average number of impressions generated in the past 3 months.
    • Can we place ads on the blog site?

    We are also curious if you are currently endorsing any brands from the sporting industry.
    This is to avoid any misrepresentation and infringement that may arise if there is any exclusivity by any brand.

    We look forward to your favourable reply soon.

    Thank you

    Andrea Sim
    Account Executive
    True Incomm
    71-2A Tras Street
    Singapore 079010
    Tel : 6327-9686

      • Possible to share more about your sports club? where do you guys normally run?

      • Hello Zheng,

        I got your comment pertaining to the question on where we train/run at.

        Well, i must say that the team comprises of a diverse range of profession
        and passion.

        Some of us love running, some cycling, some simply keeping a fit lifestlye.

        We do not have a specific running route like some running clubs do but
        ultimately, we are a group, a team of sports enthusiasts who would share
        our experiences and insights into the latest gears, upcoming runs and etc
        so that our friends and readers would be inspired to pick up a sport and
        keep fit.

        Also, we hope that our reviews would give more awareness to gears and
        apparels which may or may not be good so that consumers like you and me
        would have a better decision before we get them.

        I hope that somehow, we have inspired you in any way possible to pick up a
        sport or start a healthy lifestyle. 🙂

        Till then, have a great day ahead and God bless.

  3. Hey Guys,
    Do you guys have any ideas if there’s a corporate Run somewhere at the end of 2012?
    Am trying to push some of my colleagues in keeping fitness as the main key to everyday success thinking in our office.. Haha!!

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