EVENT HYPE: Singapore National Games – The “Hunger Games” Singaporean style

The Hunger Games: Singapore Edition

As the dust settles from the London Olympics, and Singapore returns with her pair of bronze medals, another opportunity arises for restless hearts to support sporting competition. Come 1st – 9th September, recapture the spirit of sportsmanship by fighting and rallying together with fellow neighbors for the glory of your local community at the Singapore National Games! With close to 5,000 community athletes from the 15 clusters competing over 10 different sports, this upcoming event promises to be equally exciting, albeit being of a smaller scale than the Olympics.

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HYPE: The Unleash Deadly Challenge. WOOHOO!

4th July 2012 – The other time, Adidas launched a contest about submitting what we feel would be a crazy and deadly idea one would do with a soccer ball. In line with their latest range of football (or some would call it soccer) boots – the Adidas Predator Lethal Zones, I tried to make my idea as crazy and lethal too (Hey! Its 150 charcters max):

“Juggle the ball across the expressway and smash 10 glass panels with fireworks to end it!”

Because of that submission, I won myself a $50 adidas voucher + an invite to take part in the Predator Lethal Zones Challenge! Woohoo! Cannot wait to pit myself against the obstacles that adidas have set.

Nabil is All In. Are you?

EVENT: Predator Lethal Zones Challenge

DATE: Saturday, 7th & 8th July 2012

TIME: 1030H-1900H

You can register yourself for the event too at: unleashdeadly.com

Also, check out my review on the Predator Lethal Zones here.

HEALTH & FITNESS: Losing the Baby Weight – Easy Exercise Tips for New Moms

As mentioned earlier, this blog is more than just about me or my team’s experiences and more in sports, health and fitness. Its a blog for the people, BY the people. And I’m pleased to share with you this amazing article by one of our readers, Katie, on tips which would benefit our female readers and friends. 🙂

Photograph by Jennifer Bradford

After giving birth, you can begin to shed the pounds you gained during your pregnancy without ever having to set foot in a gym. There are many ways that you can get exercise at home and around your neighborhood, which will give you more time and flexibility to attend to your newborn. Taking care of a baby is a full time job, so having the freedom to squeeze in a workout at any available time of day right in the comfort and privacy of your living room is both convenient and easy.

Before you begin an exercise routine, be sure that you listen to your body signals so you don’t overwork it. Right after you give birth, your body needs some time to adjust and recover from pregnancy and being in labor. Your immediate goal should be to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle, rather than trying to reach a certain goal on the scale. Even though many celebrities are able to shed the baby weight at an incredibly fast rate doesn’t mean that this is ideal, so don’t worry about trying to match their standards. Gradually you’ll be able to increase the duration and intensity of your workouts as you get stronger and fitter, and the results will start to show in a healthy way.

For most women, light exercise can be incorporated into your post-pregnancy lifestyle within several weeks of getting birth, and usually after six weeks or more for C-section births. Always consult with your doctor and discuss your plans for exercise and weight loss after giving birth. Your doctor answered all of your questions concerning labor and delivery and provided advice on options like cord blood and immunizations, and your doctor can do the same for you concerning your lifestyle habits and different diet and exercise options. Once you’ve gotten your doctor’s approval, it’s time to burn some calories!


To start out, try moving more during your day by walking and doing light activities around the house, like cooking, cleaning, and gardening. Taking walks around the neighborhood while pushing your baby in its stroller is a nice way to spend time together while getting some good exercise. Eventually you can also switch to a running or jogging routine several times a week. Wear a pedometer so you can keep track of your steps each day. This will help motivate you to move more, and it helps you to see the progress you’re making  throughout the day. Set a reasonable daily goal, and try to meet it, or even surpass it if
you have extra energy.


If you have a pool, try swimming laps or treading water to burn calories. Swimming and water aerobics are great calorie burners because you have to engage so many different muscle groups to keep yourself afloat and move through the water. You’ll work your core, legs, glutes, and arms, and it doesn’t take much time to get a good calorie burn. Visit a local community center with a pool if you don’t have your own.


At home, you can turn your living room into a mini home gym. Roll out a mat and do sets of push-ups, crunches, squats, lunges, jumping jacks, punches, kicks, leg lifts, and some stretching. Try lifting light weights or using a resistance band to add toning and sculpting moves to your workout, which will burn calories and build muscle to help you burn more fat all day long. Yoga and Pilates are other great ways to firm your body and lengthen your muscles, increasing flexibility and giving you a long, lean look. You can either create your own routine, or follow along with a workout DVD. Some are even designed especially for new mothers!

Overall, try to keep your workouts fun so that you’ll stay motivated. Listen to fun, upbeat music while you exercise, or try a dance-based routine like Zumba or belly-dancing (great for toning up your midsection!). Don’t worry if you don’t have time to do a long workout every day. Even making small changes, like going up and down the stairs more often during the day, will help you to burn extra calories. Take advantage of your baby’s naptime to squeeze in some exercise, and before you know it, the pounds will start to melt away.

As long as you stay committed, you’ll get back to your pre-pregnancy weight again and you’ll increase your levels of fitness and energy along the way; making you a happier, healthier mom! 🙂

This article was written by Katie Moore. Katie is an active writer within the blogging community who discusses maternity, motherhood, prenatal health, childbirth and other topics within this niche. If you have any questions or would like to connect with Katie please contact by visiting her blog, Moore From Katie or her twitter @moorekm26.

The Global Blogger – London 2012 Olympics


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HYPE: The ONE Fighting Championships: War of the Lions

The ONE Fighting Championships: War of the Lions (31st March 2012 @ The Singapore Indoor Stadium)

With just days away from Asia’s Largest Mixed Martial Arts event, I’m pretty stoked to say the least. Happening on the 31st of March at 7pm at Singapore Indoor Stadium, ONE FC is more than just a legalized “Fight Club”. Its a waterhole for the Mixed Martial Arts enthusiast around the the world to gather and enjoy what they love doing.

With ONE FC’s star-studded line-up of Asia’s best professional MMA fighters, you can expect awesome rounds of exhilarating fights and showmanship and possibly knockouts too! Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing my Fight Shape trainer – Eddie “The Magician” Ng compete against  Muay Thai specialist Jian Kai Chee from Muayfit.

After truly enjoying my short but nonetheless exciting stint at Evolve MMA (POMO branch), I must admit, mixed martial arts is a really fascinating sport and a great way to up your level of fitness. Be it your goal to lose weight (yes, i’ve seen my friends shed those pounds through MMA) OR to get that ripped fighter’s body OR simply to learn a new sport, Mixed Martial Arts is indeed a good way to start. (Read: Mixed Martial Arts: Choosing The Right Trainers)

And to those MMA Enthusiast or looking forward to catching the event, LIVE streaming is available for the selected countries below via their YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/ONEFCmma.

Sadly, the streaming is geo-blocked in Singapore and Japan (i.e as networks prefer to call it – restrict access to their online videos outside the territories where they hold the rights).

LIVE Streaming commences at:

8:00 PM – Kuala Lumpur

1:00 PM – London

8:00 AM – New York City

5:00 AM – San Francisco


FITNESS: SH’BAM Master Class with Michelle Dean (Les Mills Training Director) @ True Fitness

True Fitness

(By Female Guest Writer – Farah E.)

True Fitness at Suntec City opened its studio doors to an exclusive SH’BAM class! Sh-what? The latest dance-inspired workout to hit True Fitness, the launching class saw a fully-registered class of 60, all ready and geared up to conclude their Monday on a sweating good note.

The pumped up 45-minutes long class was led by Michelle Deans, training director of Les Mills, together with instructors of True Fitness. The moves are simple, require no particular technique and most importantly, easy to follow. Combine these simple moves and you get a really hot workout, burning an average of 500 calories! I couldn’t decide if it was the infectious energy of the instructors or the good remixes of the playlist, but it felt more like a party than a group exercise class.

Les Mills Sh'bam

More than just a physical workout, SH’BAM, like any other dance workout, provides a good platform for relaxation of the mind. As an avid dancer, be it in fitness clubs or night clubs (heh), there is something liberating about letting go to the music, focussing on moving my body. What better way than to burn calories and fats and increase one’s stamina and cardiovascular fitness?

Most times I am so into it, I even forget I am exercising! It is probably the reason why dancing is my favourite cardio workout. While minutes might feel like forever on the treadmill, I barely noticed how 45 minutes of SH’BAM flew by. SH’BAM is perfect for any individual; whether you are looking for variety in your workout, looking for a start somewhere to embark on a journey to a fitter self or simply out to have fun and meet more people!

Michelle Dean (Les Mills Training Director)

Keep a lookout for SH’BAM classes on True Fitness’ Group X schedule and make a date. Be sure to be in for a SH’BAM-ing fun time. Keep sexy, people!

REVIEW: Domino’s Pizza (now HALAL)

(Food review by – Nash A.)

Domino's Pizza

Health Freak, Pizza. Pizza, Health Freak?

I’m sure most readers are thinking, “WHY ARE WE covering fast food? Must be losing their marbles!” Believe me, when the team was approached to cover the story, we thought, how could we? When it is almost completely against our belief of healthy living? After much consideration and research, (plus the tasting offer) we JOGGED down over to Domino’s Tampines branch over @ Blk 462, Street 44.

Pizza is fast or junk food?

It is an answer that could go both ways.

The Crust

Hawaiian on The Crust

This first main component of pizza is the crust. This is the “grain” part of its inclusion in the Four Food Groups. Those old guidelines recommended consuming four servings of “whole grain or enriched grains” each day.

The choice of the crust will determine how much fat, carbs and calories you are exposing yourself to. At Domino’s there are 4 choices,Classic Hand Toss, Crunchy Thin Crust, New York and Cheese Burst.

Healthier Choice: Thin Crust.

The Toppings

Classic Chic: Lots more greens: Lot less fatty

This is where the “meat’ portion of pizza comes from, at least if a meat topping is added to the pizza.

Pepperoni and sausage are the most common meat toppings. These are both highly process meats, containing excessive amounts of saturated fat, salt, and possibly nitrates. Try as much not to eat these, as any more, you’re eating junk food.

At Domino’s, toppings are aplenty. Menu lists mostly contains olive, which are very healthy food due to their healthy fat content. Fruits are a bonus as well, with green and red capsicum providing the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

The Preparation

Cooking Spray Alternative: Corn Meal

Ever wondered the stuff they used to cook the pizza? To ensure it doesn’t stick to the pan, usually the cooks will use the cooking spray, which may contain that additional fats. While at Domino’s, they use corn meal, a definite healthier option than cooking spray.


  1. Domino’s has this new GPS Tracker (Great Pizza Service) which allows the customers to monitor the progress of their orders!!
  2. New and revamped online ordering system
  3. Nett pricing. No hidden charges. No GST/Service charge
  4. Domino’s has a comprehensive nutritional gauging page dedicated to those who wants to monitor by the gram – MUST CLICK HERE!

Thin crust in ma Mouth!!

In short, its all about the choices you make. Pick toppings that are nutritious, contains less salt and preservatives, choice of crusts and add ons. Despite being a PIZZA  restaurant, Domino’s will ensure guilt free pizza experience with their freshest and healthier choice ingredients. PLUS its HALAL 😛

Even the fittest of athletes have their indulges. The only thing left to do is to burn it all of ASAP. That’s how i roll.

Thus, enjoy the meal but consider all the factors for a guilt free indulgence.

Men’s Health Urbanathlon Race Pack Collection

Important things to bring on collection day:

  1. Confirmation slip
  2. Your Identity card
Should you not be able to make it on BOTH collection dates, you can contact the event organizers and special arrangements can be made depending on the situation. Click HERE for the link.

Nearest MRT Station: Raffles Place (EW14/NS26)

Nearest Bus Stop:

  1. Opposite PWC Building. (Buses 186 and 970)
  2. Opposite Oglivy Building (Buses 10, 10e, 97, 97e, 196, 196e, 531, 538, 544, 545, 552, 553, 554, 566)

Looking forward to seeing you guys and girls at the race pack collection! 

The Men’s Health Urbanathlon will be on 19th Feb 2012.

For more info check out: http://urbanathlon2012.menshealth.com.sg/ & http://athletescircle.com/

Of Sports, Fitness and Health


“A ruffian’s game played by Gentlemen.” 

Honestly, having played rugby in primary school and then a season during JC days and lastly, a short stint during my NS Army days, i must say, rugby is one sport which requires team work like no other.

Every single man relies and trusts their buddies beside them to “protect them” when they get tackled. Rugby, a contact sport, requires SPEED, AGILITY, POWER, STRENGTH & BRAINS to win the game. Perfect sport for people who desire to up the fitness and physique level. I know, cause i’ve been there done that: READ HERE

But that being said, i still love playing soccer… just a little aggressive though. Like Gennaro Gattusso.



“Discipline is doing what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, when we don’t want to do it.”

Its always easy to fall to temptations and skip a day’s training or snack on an unhealthy meal just for a day thinking, ITS ONLY A DAY. But such bad habits die hard and 1 day becomes 2 days and so on. Before you know it, you’re doomed.



“It promoted eating so many grain servings, it was promoting obesity.”

I had always suspected that something is wrong with the pyramid because it kinda lacks the essential proteins to build and pack on those muscles. Anyways, here’s to find out more: READ HERE


McDonalds: Still Loving it?

“McDonald’s confirms that it’s no longer using ‘pink slime’ chemical in hamburgers.” READ MORE

Its been 1 month + 5 days since i last touched a hamburger from McDonalds or any one of those fast food “restaurants” like KFC, Long John’s Silvers, Burger King etc. Well, i plan to stay on track and go fast food free for the whole of 2012.

Unless of course someone offers me $10,000 to have a bite at a new fast food burger. And that had better be a McD’s Samurai burger at least. ;P

The iFLY Accident and What We Can Learn From It

“Sports”. A noun. And as defined by Dictionary.comit is an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature. 

In today’s society, many people are picking up some sort of sport to keep themselves healthy, fit and for some, just merely out of passion. “The love for the game” as some would say. Yes, running to rock climbing to soccer and to even bridge (a card game) is a sport.

Recently, on Monday, 15th January 2012, i chanced upon an article in The Sunday Times:

“iFly Singapore has first accident after instructor fractures shin”

And as i continued to read on, i realised it was the instructor who took me on my SECOND iFLY flight just a month ago – Scott Pereira. 😦 So apparently, what happened was that while performing a high-speed maneuver, he failed to break his decent and his leg hit the netting below.


1) The INSTRUCTOR got injured because he was performing a stunt for the beginner flyers.

Freak accident. It wasnt as if the the net suddenly gave way OR the fan blew him out of the wind tunnel like in Wizard Of Oz. He was performing a stunt, a MUCH MORE DANGEROUS demonstration when that happened. Although it is naturally interesting to watch and see someone performing something which we will never master in an hour’s time (because we are lazy creatures to begin with), the harder and WOW-er the moves are, the more higher risk of injuries. Duhh!

Personally, I have been to iFLY twice and flown in the wind tunnel for the 6th time  and nothing happened to me. Well, thats because i stuck to the instructions that the instructor told us. Nothing fancy, just pure indoor skydiving flight experience. And yes, i still have my limbs in tact and i didnt sprain my shins. 🙂

2) Indoor skydiving and the safety net saved Scott’s life.

Just saying. Had it been an outdoor, real life, 15,000ft up in the air, and you make one wrong move, thats it. You’re a goner. The indoor skydiving wind tunnel allows you to experience skydiving without forking out the hefty sum of money and its also relatively safer. I remembered seeing kids flying in it and they loved it.

It was kinda like a family affair thing going on and i must say, it was indeed fun. It kinda preps you up for the real one actually. I used to think jumping out of the airplane and maneuvering in the sky is easy, but apparently, it is an activity requiring skill or physical prowess up in the sky with no safety net. Just you, your parachute and prolly some birds in flying around. Tweet tweet!

I’ll be frank with you – all sports are dangerous. Be it you’re jogging or running or simply playing bowling, there will be some element of risks involved. Noticed i mentioned RISKS and not INJURIES? Thats because if you are in the right state of mind and body, chances are, you minimize your risk of getting injured, sprained whatever. There will always be risks, but not always be injuries.

The 4 factors that COULD result in injury while playing sports:

  1. Not physically fit
  2. Not mentally prepared
  3. Performing much riskier stunts
  4. Act of god

Over the years had my fair share of knocks and bruises and sprains and even scars from playing a multitude of sports. From soccer to rugby (i was stomped on my head) to mountain biking (where i fell and was knocked unconscious, sustaining a scar below my eye) and many more other vigorous activities, you name it. But I know i cant lead that kind of lifestyle. Life is too short and the world is too exciting and fun just waiting to be explored and discovered. As the great 19th-century theologian, WIlliam Shedd once said:

“A ship in a harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”

But ultimately, the benefits of playing sports and being active, out weighs the detrimental effects of not having an active lifestyle and being a couch potato. That being said – now get out there and run, bike, swim or even FLY!