GEAR HYPE: Nike+ Innovation Arsenal

In conjunction with the London Olympics 2012, NIKE is firing on all cylinders. From head to toe, NIKE is suiting up their athletes (and those who aspires) with superior performance. Pushing technology to the limit. From dynamic cable strings, knitted fibres, breathable kicks, aero-dynamic compression suits-you name it, NIKE aims to beat it.

From the recent Sports Innovation Exibition @ Peranakan Place (you can read that story here), Matt Nordstrom, Senior Designer/Apparel Innovation, guided us through the series of innovations up for the this season of sporting excellence.

Matt Nordstrom, Senior Designer/Apparel Innovation

Here is the complete rundown of the gears out in stores soon. (Heads up – pictures galore!):

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2012 Gold Coast Airport Marathon: The Interview With Endrew!

Thw 2012 Gold Coast Airport Marathon might have ended recently. And like most of you, i did not manage to fly myself to down under to catch the action or run it. I’ve heard loads of record breaking and fun stories happening there – the cool weather, the pre and post race day, the run itself and not forgetting many Personal Bests were “created” there too! Even for a newbie runner like me, its sooooo tempting to head down to GCAM and give it a go!

However, sometimes the greatest stories and lessons learnt come not from finishing the race. But its when you hit a brick wall, you pick yourself up and move on. I managed to catch up with a runner friend of ours, Endrew, who had the opportunity to travel to Gold Coast for the run. And here’s the exclusive interview. Enjoy!

1.        Tell us a bit about yourself (eg. Hobbies, Occupation etc)
Hi I’m Endrew and I’m a Retail Sales Executive. My hobbies are Running and Sleeping. 😛

2.        When did you pick up running/keeping fit and why?
I started my running just about a year ago. My first was race was the 12km Energizer Night Trail 2011 with two of my friends. I signed up just for fun! From that day onwards, I started to go for more and more runs and races. Plus point about these races – you will also get to know more friends! 🙂

3.        What’s your training/running regime like?
I have been running 3 times a week (at least 10km each time) for my first year. As for now, I don’t really run or train that much. I use the running events as a training session so as to not make the race so stressful. Running to me, is not just about how fast you can run or securing your personal best. To me, what is important is to enjoy and have fun with all the runners. Race-Train-Fun.

4.        Thats a nice tagline! Hahaha! Anyways, how was your experience in this year’s GC Marathon? Did you participate in the previous year’s?
This was my first time in Gold Coast (GC). Mixed feeling for me, as I got DNF at the 22km mark. I felt dizzy and had low blood pressure thus I was sent to the hospital. One week before GC I did my Standard Chartered KL marathon at a time of 5 hours 50min eventhough I suffered an early cramp at the 23km mark. Obviously I was disappointed and gave myself a lot of hope in GC for a better timing. But I failed to do so. Many thanks to Mohan though, for the encouraging words he gave to me.

Overall GC marathon was SUPERB! Love the weather, the people & their support and the view! But do remember to drink more water days before the race day itself! I guess this was my mistake for not drinking enough water and it caused my dehydration, dizziness and low blood pressure on the day itself. 😦

 5.        How different was it compared to previous GC Marathon OR Marathons in Singapore? 
It is very different I must say. I’m sorry to say that local races are getting more and more expensive. And personally, I feel that the standard is not there at all. The supporters, the  people along the road side, cheering you on. Its something which you can’t find in Singapore. Although the route and the view is very normal for Singaporean to say “Siao eh so hot run what marathon!” but in GC you can actually feel its different because of those supporters!

6.        The atmosphere is certainly very different aye! Quick question: Would you run the GC Marathon next year? 
I’ll be back for SURE!

 7.        If theres one thing that you could improve on about the GC Marathon, what would it be?
I will say its the BANANAS! Maybe I was too hungry that morning that is why I was looking for something which I can eat while running. Hahaha! But I heard there were oranges given out nearing to the end of the race which I had no chance to try them (because of the DNF). 😦

 8.        Many people are picking up running as a sport be it competitive or leisure, what do u think is the reason for this sudden surge of runners?
I guess running is an “IN” thing now. Too many reasons – some run for health, to lose weight, or even for charitable causes. It is good because this “IN thing” enables you to meet lots of friends and also get to know many new ones in this small world!

 9.        How do you think Singapore can better manage its sporting/running scene?
Singapore is trying very hard to build its sporting community, which is great idea. But there are too many companies out there trying to use this as a platform to earn from events, charging exorbitant prices for registrations…which is actually a  bad thing. For example, running a FULL marathon in Singapore can cost about $80! This is a little too much given the standard I have been experiencing in Singapore. At this price I can fly to Malaysia for a Full marathon too and with a better experience over there.

Running is a cheap sport but in Singapore, its different now.

 10.      Lastly, any inspiring words for runners out there who just started picking up the sport or thinking of picking up the sport?
Drink more water before your runs and do rest well before the race too. Running is meant to be fun so don’t feel stress if you can’t run. Run and get know more friends. Slowly you will get better and better. 😉

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 Words of wisdom there from the Gold Coast! Till next time, Guten Tag!

P.S, if you wanna read what our running friend Su Ann had to say about the 2011 Gold Coast Airport Marathon, do check out: 2011 Gold Coast Airport Marathon: The interview with Su Ann!

GEAR REVIEW: I tried to catch some fog but i mist it with Essilor’s Optifog

Not too sure how many of you got the pun in the title above, but to those who do, you’re awesome! Hahahaha! Anyways, like most doctors out there, I happen to be wearing a pair of spectacles and we all know how that kind of limits one’s movement in sports. Although certain sports (like rugby or BJJ) requires me to wear contact lens. Bo pian.

With my previous pair of spectacles looking like its been through a beating, I got myself a new pair of spectacles. But with a few “upgrades” on its lenses – cause its now equipped with Essilor’s Transition, AirWear AND Optifog technology! Woohoo! One protects your eyes from the glaring sun, one is virtually unbreakable and lastly, one prevents fog from building up and makes the lens hardy to all sorts of weather condition.

Yes, I am indeed wearing a pair spectacles lenses built for leisure, sports…and war.

Not these specs definitely!

More often than not, most of us might have heard or know of Essilor’s Crizal and Transition lenses from TV or print media. I was given the opportunity to equip my lenses with Essilor’s new Optifog technology – the anti-fog lenses suited for office workers or simply people who help put the hot stones in a sauna. All in all coupled with the Transition + Crizal properties, it was superbly nice wearing them for outdoor or indoor use.

Decided to give it a shot for sports use and here’s my take on it:

  1. Running on a hot humid day at times builds up some fog on the lenses. With the Optifog coated lenses, your vision is clear and I did not have to stop to wipe the “cloud” off.
  2. I went into a sauna once after a workout session at Celebrity Fitness Gym and amazingly, coming out of the hot room I was not blinded by the steam-generated fog! Woohoo!
  3. On a side note, the transition lenses worked perfectly. Especially useful for those who are active outdoors and do not like wearing contact lenses.

Transition lenses: All dark when the sun is out!

Of course, one can always choose to wear or use their typical normal lenses without such special properties. And if you’re an outdoor person, most often than not, you might just get a pair of shades. But hey, if you are like me and simply want a “ALL IN ONE” kind of spectacles/lens for both work and play, the Essilor’s Optifog and Transition lenses is a good deal. Minimize the hassle of having many different pairs of shades, contact lenses or spectacles for different usage.

Of course, with the anti-fog properties, you can enjoy cooking your steamed chicken or pau without having to wipe off that mist off your specs. 😉

You can get your very own Essilor’s Optifog lenses at Intergrated Eye Care Cetre @ Vivocity and all leading spectacle huts. 🙂

HEALTH & FITNESS: Losing the Baby Weight – Easy Exercise Tips for New Moms

As mentioned earlier, this blog is more than just about me or my team’s experiences and more in sports, health and fitness. Its a blog for the people, BY the people. And I’m pleased to share with you this amazing article by one of our readers, Katie, on tips which would benefit our female readers and friends. 🙂

Photograph by Jennifer Bradford

After giving birth, you can begin to shed the pounds you gained during your pregnancy without ever having to set foot in a gym. There are many ways that you can get exercise at home and around your neighborhood, which will give you more time and flexibility to attend to your newborn. Taking care of a baby is a full time job, so having the freedom to squeeze in a workout at any available time of day right in the comfort and privacy of your living room is both convenient and easy.

Before you begin an exercise routine, be sure that you listen to your body signals so you don’t overwork it. Right after you give birth, your body needs some time to adjust and recover from pregnancy and being in labor. Your immediate goal should be to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle, rather than trying to reach a certain goal on the scale. Even though many celebrities are able to shed the baby weight at an incredibly fast rate doesn’t mean that this is ideal, so don’t worry about trying to match their standards. Gradually you’ll be able to increase the duration and intensity of your workouts as you get stronger and fitter, and the results will start to show in a healthy way.

For most women, light exercise can be incorporated into your post-pregnancy lifestyle within several weeks of getting birth, and usually after six weeks or more for C-section births. Always consult with your doctor and discuss your plans for exercise and weight loss after giving birth. Your doctor answered all of your questions concerning labor and delivery and provided advice on options like cord blood and immunizations, and your doctor can do the same for you concerning your lifestyle habits and different diet and exercise options. Once you’ve gotten your doctor’s approval, it’s time to burn some calories!


To start out, try moving more during your day by walking and doing light activities around the house, like cooking, cleaning, and gardening. Taking walks around the neighborhood while pushing your baby in its stroller is a nice way to spend time together while getting some good exercise. Eventually you can also switch to a running or jogging routine several times a week. Wear a pedometer so you can keep track of your steps each day. This will help motivate you to move more, and it helps you to see the progress you’re making  throughout the day. Set a reasonable daily goal, and try to meet it, or even surpass it if
you have extra energy.


If you have a pool, try swimming laps or treading water to burn calories. Swimming and water aerobics are great calorie burners because you have to engage so many different muscle groups to keep yourself afloat and move through the water. You’ll work your core, legs, glutes, and arms, and it doesn’t take much time to get a good calorie burn. Visit a local community center with a pool if you don’t have your own.


At home, you can turn your living room into a mini home gym. Roll out a mat and do sets of push-ups, crunches, squats, lunges, jumping jacks, punches, kicks, leg lifts, and some stretching. Try lifting light weights or using a resistance band to add toning and sculpting moves to your workout, which will burn calories and build muscle to help you burn more fat all day long. Yoga and Pilates are other great ways to firm your body and lengthen your muscles, increasing flexibility and giving you a long, lean look. You can either create your own routine, or follow along with a workout DVD. Some are even designed especially for new mothers!

Overall, try to keep your workouts fun so that you’ll stay motivated. Listen to fun, upbeat music while you exercise, or try a dance-based routine like Zumba or belly-dancing (great for toning up your midsection!). Don’t worry if you don’t have time to do a long workout every day. Even making small changes, like going up and down the stairs more often during the day, will help you to burn extra calories. Take advantage of your baby’s naptime to squeeze in some exercise, and before you know it, the pounds will start to melt away.

As long as you stay committed, you’ll get back to your pre-pregnancy weight again and you’ll increase your levels of fitness and energy along the way; making you a happier, healthier mom! 🙂

This article was written by Katie Moore. Katie is an active writer within the blogging community who discusses maternity, motherhood, prenatal health, childbirth and other topics within this niche. If you have any questions or would like to connect with Katie please contact by visiting her blog, Moore From Katie or her twitter @moorekm26.

My latest gear: The HTC Sensation XE

Ok, so from time to time, i’d share some of the sporting gears that i’ve used throughout time. From running shoes to high-tech GPS tracking devices, the world of sports just couldnt get any better and exciting. 😀

The only downside though is that i could only WISH to have many gadgets and gears in my stockings on Christmas day. But no, Santa didnt drop by my place. Probably because i advised him to slim down and look fit for Christmas. Sad. 😦

Check out my tips to AVOID THE SANTA SUIT here:


Anyways, like all good Christmas stories, my Christmas present came in early – I got my hands on the newest and latest HTC SENSATION XE with Beats by Dr Dre! A refreshing change from my previous phone which felt too light and fragile for me. The HTC Sensation XE has a really nice feel and weight to it. Like all smart phones which i have been using, they serve 3 important things for me –

  1. Capturing photos/videos
  2. Listening to music AND 
  3. Like anyone else, surf the net.

I’m not a tech geek per se and im not gonna bore you with all the techs and specs. But what i would like to share with you, is a “sporty person’s” point of view on the HTC SENSATION XE. And why i like it. Simple enough to comprehend.

5 Things i like about the HTC SENSATION XE:

  1. With a metal-like case and matt white cover at the back, the HTC Sensation XE has sleek features which not only looks good but feels good to hold too, as mentioned above. In other words, it feels strong and not plasticky.
  2. It has a feature which allows you to access the camera mode very quickly from the lock screen. Some phones might have them already, but this one…is done in style. SWIPE ONLY!
  3. Speaking of which, the camera has an ACTION Scene mode to capture, well, action shots. Hehe! With up to 8 MP, autofocus, dual-LED flash, now you can capture amazing shots…on the move….heading towards the finishing line. Teehee!
  4. Yes, with a 1080p@30fps, stereo sound recording, this phone captures sharp videos. And of course, watching my favourite workout videos (from YouTube’s SIX-PACK SHORTCUTS) on its 4.3 inch S-LCD capacitive touchscreen is just superb.
  5. Lastly, the Beats Audio by Dr Dre is totally awesome. Plays well on speaker mode, using the earpiece and also when connected to external speakers.Plugged into these “babies” and you’re GOOD TO GO and do your workout. (Best served with some motivational sound tracks that is.)

1 Thing which i don’t quite like about the HTC SENSATION XE: 

  1. I can’t seem to sync my contacts proper from the last 2 phones. Hahaha! Someone, save me please.


All in all, the HTC SENSATION XE is a sturdy and strong phone. With amazing graphics and features, its a good sporty phone i must say. If you really want to know more details about it, you can check here: OR one of those telco shops. FYI, if i had 2 of these phones, i’d bring one of them for rock climbing, swimming etc. just to pit it against the elements. 😛

However, like i mentioned, i had always use my handphones as a multi media tool mainly because i find it really expensive to buy separate gadgets like camera, a netbook and a modem. Kinda budget you might say, but hey, whatever works man. With the HTC SENSATION XE meeting my requirements i look for in a smart phone, im not complaining. At least i can furnish the site/blog with interesting videos and images.

By the way, do check out & play HTC Singapore Score With Beats FB app and you could walk away with a spanking new HTC SENSATION XE too!

Check out the pictures below! Teehee!

Lunch: Fried Rice with Beef Char Siew (or so i think thats what its called. Im NOT a food blogger, so i dont give a damn about its name)

Dinner’s side dish: A bowl of fresh salads with a little thousand island dressing. Hehe!

Playing street soccer with my friends. Scoring a few goals here and there…no biggie. ;P

Completing our 200 Chin Ups Challenge. 1st set max rep. Followed by 10-15 reps per set, with a 2min rest time in between sets. Need to do this AGAIN.


HYPE: Adidas Launches adizero f50 Powered by miCoach

by Guest writer – Farhan Juan M.


With Christmas just round the corner, Adidas unveiled the adizero f50 powered by miCoach Speed Cell to our shores. I am sure all of you amateur footballers got as excited as I did when adidas released this promo for their latest improvement to their lightweight f50 boot. The adizero f50 boot powered by miCoach Speed Cell is being promoted as the ‘football boot with a brain’; it is akin to having a super computer attached to our feet, tracking our athletic performances. It feels like I am living my dream of being a professional footballer.

So what exactly is this new miCoach Speed Cell? It actually works similarly to other GPS tracking chip which is being used to track linear action, but with some added features. Inserted into a cavity beneath the sock liner, it has the ability to capture 360 degrees movement inside their on-board memory for up to seven hours, and then wirelessly sends the on-pitch performance data to your computer. It is remarkable how adidas has managed to bring the professional experience to the masses, as we do not have the benefit of the Pro Zone technology used by top European clubs to track of our performances.

Takes performance measurements of:

  • Average speed per second
  • Maximum speed per 5 seconds
  • Number of sprints
  • Distance travelled
  • Distance at high intensity levels
  • Steps taken
  • Stride rate
  • Total training time

Data recorded can then be shared with friends online through social media like Facebook. For the first time ever, we actually have data in our hands to prove to one another how good we are. Strengths and weaknesses can be highlighted more easily, and thus will speed up our learning curve. I don’t know about you, but I’m relishing the opportunity to outdo my teammates even more with all these data written down in black and white! Maybe you can even argue with the coach better when he says you’re not putting in your shift on field… or not. Anyway, this is especially useful to those budding youths who intend to play for the national team in the near future. It even allows us to compare ourselves alongside professional players like Lionel Messi when they upload their personal results.

When you upload your stats on the miCoach website, it allows you to create your own personalized coaching programs. Sometime next year, all these data can then be used to create yourself virtually and be allowed to compete with other players all over the world… finally you can play as yourself in the miCoach football video game online! So now I know how it feels like to play myself instead of Messi. Heh.

The adidas f50’s new improvement still manages to retain all its predecessors’ excellent specs. It allows excellent ball-feel and provides me with a lot of stability on the field with its new stud construction. This especially helps because I tend to fall easily thanks to my poor balance! The new adizero f50 powered by miCoach is already available at adidas own retail outlets and specialist stores at $299.

P.S, I can even personalize the boot with my own name, as adidas now provides embroidering services on the boot itself. The price may be a little steep, but I am telling you, it is worth every cent. Now you know what to get for you boyfriend, brother, father or guy friend this Christmas!  😉

Nike Fall/Winter 2011 – Nike Running Shield Pack

Hype: Nike Fall/Winter 2011 – Nike Running Shield Pack by Haffiz A.


To give runners the extra advantage to continue training safely and comfortably at night and during the rainy season, Nike has developed and applied its Shield Pack technology to all its running shoe styles this Holiday season which id due release in October 2011

Above: Nike LunarGlide+ 3 Shield (Men’s)

Above: Nike LunarGlide+ 3 Shield (Women’s)

The Shield Collection is made up of a total of six different models: the Free Run+ 2,LunarEclipse+LunarFly+Zoom Structure+ 15, Lunarswift+ 3, and LunarGlide+ 3. Each shoe features a weather-proof upper built with Nike’s custom Durable Water Repellent (DWR) technology, as well as reflective material to keep runners visible at night. In addition to providing a safe shield for the wearer, the shoes consists of a Fall-appropriate colorway colorways made up of mostly grey and orange with white accents.

Free Run+ 2 Shield Pack
Free Run+ 2 Shield Pack

The Nike Shield Pack features:

  • Highly reflective overlays that remain visible in low-light conditions
  • DWR mesh features a water-repellent treatment for coverage in wet conditions, without preventing breathability
  • Nike-exclusive BW2 mesh allows for a no-sew bond to increase water-resistance and provide a lightweight ride
  • The Shield Collection is made up of a total of six different models (for Singapore)
  • Free Run+ 2, LunarEclipse+, LunarFly+ 2, Zoom Structure+ 15, Lunarswift+ 3 and LunarGlide+ 3
  • Each shoe features a weather-proof upper built with Nike’s custom Durable Water Repellent (DWR) technology, as well as reflective material to keep runners visible at night – COOL HUH! 🙂


Nike LunarEclipse+ Shield
Nike LunarEclipse+ Shield
Nike LunarSwift+ 3  Shield
Nike LunarSwift+ 3 Shield
Nike Zoom Structure+ 15 Shield
Nike Zoom Structure+ 15 Shield
Nike LunarFly+ Shield
Nike LunarFly+ Shield

Whether you are a beginner or an elite runner, this pack has a shoe is for everyone, the updates will leaving you with no more excuses to avoid training!

Retailing at SGD$199 for the LunarGlide+ 3 Shield, it is available at all Nike stores. Go check it out! 😀


Why We Run Network turns 1!



There is no such thing as Light weights or Heavy weights.
Only Heavy weights or Heavier weights.


There is no such thing as run slow or run fast.
Only run fast or run faster.


There is no such thing a train easy or train hard.
Only train harder or train hardest.


Mind over matter. Sweat now, ice-cream later.



A message from the Editor:

It’s been exactly 1 year (365 days) since this blog was set up. And I must say that it’s been a wonderful journey and experience meeting and learning from all the athletes and friends who have inspired me and the team to work harder to achieve a better fitness and health. And also to share our love for all-things sporty to our friends and readers out there.

Personally, sharing my stories, trainings and sportscevents & races made me wanna improve on my performace even more. Run faster, run longer, lift heavier, climb higher and go further in all the sports that I partake.

On behalf of the team, I would like to thank all those who have supported, guided AND inspired us along the way. We hope to inspire MORE people from wherever you are, to pick up sports and make it a part of your lifestyle. For wealth isnt all about money alone – there are things like health and fitness too to make it complete. 🙂

We look to better improve our content and delivery in the future and to have more like-minded people sharing their stories here with us. Be it you’re young or old, newbie or professional, We welcome you all with open arms.

Afterall, we can always learn something from everyone, every time. We look forward to hear your comments and views as it will help us improve in the future. (Do drop us an email at ya?)

Till we meet again, God bless and have a great week ahead. 🙂

P.S, Do LIKE our FB Page by clicking on the icon on the left-sidebar OR by clicking HERE. 🙂

P.P.S, Something wicked this way comes. Stay tuned for it.

Have a Bigger Break!

Some KIT KAT inspired “BIG BREAK” i decided to come up with. Btw, the backdrop is that of Central Hong Kong. Taken from the ferry i was in en route from Kowloon City yo! Hong Kong, twas indeed an awesome city. 

With my exams over, i guess im back in the game. Not game “game” per se but my original lifestyle of working out. Damn fitness freak me! Its been ages since i last trained properly, or intensely ever since the exams started in early May. To be honest, despite being able to work in the school’s gym and using its facilities when im at work, it just feels different. Hours of mugging and sucking in knowledge/information is indeed mentally draining. I realised that there IS a relation between having a clear concise mind and training. When we are mentally fatigued, we tend to get tired easily, physically.

And doesn’t really help that i didnt do quite well for my previous assignments which had some weightage over the total grades for the modules. Kinda stressful to perform you know! So with all those mental fatigue and stress out of the way, its back to proper training yo! 

Seriously, on a serious note, I miss training. I miss working out and sweating it out on the gym floor or wherever. I miss running aimlessly with friends in races (im not very competitive am i?). I miss the delayed onset muscle soreness after an intense workout. I miss saying “DAYM! Can’t believe i DID ALL THAT (workout)!”

Anyways, inspired by Kit Kat ®’s Yer Big Break!  ad, i decided to blog about my BIG BREAK that i need after all these hullabaloo exams. By the way, you guys should go check out the KIT KAT competition. Pretty rad, cool and exciting you know! 🙂 Well if you don’t know, for me, the best break i could give myself is break out of this shell of mine. This skinny, scrawny, unfit shell of mine. Cliche you might say but for me, thats what it is. So my idea of having a break would be:


Never neglect fitness, never neglect health i would say. Those are prolly 2 of the most important things in our lives that many people tend to take a (lots of) break from and it just wont work out good for you in the long run. Nothing personal but its just that nothing gives me more satisfaction than knowing that im in the pink of health…and that im at my peak performance. Ready anytime, anywhere. 😉

……….But for now, i think i could do with a bar of KIT KAT Chunky. 😛

The Strongman Challenge 2011

Alrighty, ive been pretty bogged down with school tests and all lately, and first up, sorry for the uber late/stagnant posts. But nonetheless, i managed to attend 2 very exciting events over last weekend. Hehehe!

Well, with all the hype and updates of the Strongman Challenge, well, i’ve gotta BE THERE dont i? So anyways, the Strongman Challenge was held in BRTC Jalan Bahar. You know the SCDF Training academy? Yeah, that place. But somehow, i got kinda mixed up and ended up being at POLICE Home Team Academy and then HOME TEAM NS @ Bukit Batok before getting myself at the right place. Pffft!

The whole layout and setup of the event was simple – 3 different events, side-by-side. Dispatched in details the participants had to complete the obstacles next to each other. I must say that it was an exhilarating performance, even just by watching and supporting by the stands. The amount of grit, strength and perseverance these men have put in to complete the tasks is truly commendable. Somehow, for me, it inspires me to build up on my strength AND stamina even more. Its hardcore i tell you!

The TOP 10 Finalists are selected by the amount of time (in secs) they take to clear all the tasks. Of course its not a back-to-back activity as the  competitors are given some time to rest and recuperate before heading on the other station. 🙂

First up was the Tyre Flipping. Kinda like flipping burger patties at a Ramly Burger stall, but try imagining flipping huge big-ass tyres (weighing 280kg) for like 10+ times or until you cross the finishing line. Which i reckon is around 20m. Now, that is some dope stuff over there. It requires strength from all parts of you body – hands, arms, core muscles, legs and back AND most importantly, the right TECHNIQUE to flip them over.

It took 6 SCDF recruits + 4 Cyclops (eye power) to flip the tyre back into position! Hahahaha!

But with proper training and technique – ITS A ONE (strong) MAN SHOW!

Once done with the flippin’, it was the Red Rhino pull. Same rules apply, competitors had to pull the vehicle (not too sure how heavy it is tho) over the same distance. Now the trick is to get the wheel moving and once thatss done, it pretty much momentum. Well, thats what THEY say.  =S

This is what happens when the COE gets too high.

You want your class 3 license huh? You really want it now?!


Lastly, the final station is the killer. To me at least. Cause its the dreaded FARMER’S WALK. Now, dont you go picturing a happy farmer throwing the seeds in his paddy fields or walking to his apple orchard, plucking apples off the apple trees. This station requires competitors to carry 100KG ON EACH SIDE using his hands (not shoulders etc)! THATS 200KG in total! Its like ZOMG!

Dont be fooled, those arent your ordinary scotch tapes.


All in all, its been a pretty fun and exciting experience watching the strong men do what it seems “impossible” to most men. Doesnt mean you hit the gym often and be all beefed up mean you’re surely gonna make it for the event. Trust me, i’ve seen these guys train and i know it requires more than just typical gym work. I am so inspired that i’ve decided to take part in next year’s Strongman Challenge 2012! Lets build some hurting bombs!