About the SG Titans

We are a not-for-profit team whose focus is to promote and create awareness of the Strength Athletes in Singapore. We focus on basic principles of strength and conditioning during all our training. Our training concepts are to keep things simple yet effective. You wont find any fancy machines here. But straight up basic and simple tools to help you improve. Trainings are open to everyone with NO CHARGE at all.

Do not be intimidated. There’s no King Kong, Abomination, Emperor, Godzilla or some other types of monsters.. OK, some of us may be bigger, but overall we’re just a bunch of REGULAR PEOPLE WITH REGULAR DAY JOBS from all walks of life – students, teachers, NSmen, even programmers.

We are doing it for the love of the sport. and the camaraderie of peers. The only person you will be fighting or challenging WILL be yourself! So come join or just come down and have a look to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and do stuff that you only see on television

We believe that everyone can do what we do. We will share,impart knowledge and start of with basic functional training. Beyond this, if you desire, we can go into Strongman Activity.

All it take is hard work and a slight dose of mental toughness! Do come train among Singapore & Malaysia Strongman Champions!

Check them out @ http://www.sgtitans.com/ !



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