The Titans Core Values


Respect is a core value that all members of SG Titans should behave and present themselves in a behaviour that commands respect

  • Respect yourself
  • Respect your team members from all SG Titans
  • Respect your other competitors
  • Respect the SG Titans name, branding and institution
  • Respect our equipment, if you take care of the equipment, the equipment will take care of you


Humility is a prized core value that brings about a certain aura of respect and one to be valued highly by others and self

In short, nobody like a loud mouth who brags about the every personal record that they achieve. If you are strong… someone out there is stronger! Be grounded and humble




  • Being resilient and never understanding the term “QUIT”
  • Failure is something we must be familiar with and understand and manage to breakthrough your personal barriers
  • Being resilient to feedback & constructive criticism to improve


  • Be passionate about training
  • Share with other the SG Titans branding with other passionately
  • You have to love the sport to appreciate it!

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