“FASTINISTA”: To the finish line in style

Fastinista Nike

Guys, i’m sure you’d agree with me that your typical run would be yourself putting on our Army PT shirts, similarly labelled shorts, speeding away in your standard issue running shoes. The plainer, the better. The average Singapore son would agree. Other days, a coloured t-shirt would shed some life to the otherwise plain morning runs, be it at the gym or at the neighborhood park. Ladies are also guilty as much as i am, of being in the same category. Ever wondered if we could spice things up abit?

When Nike invited us over to check out this “Fastinista” workshop, i was quite apprehensive over the importance of style while running. For marathons, runs or working out, it should be just about the intimate relationship between your mind and body . Should i tarnish this relationship by indulging in plain vanities?(oxymoron) Monsieur Lionnel was there to convince me though, and he did it in style.

Li Yuling talks to Lionnel Lim and Power98 DJ Emily Teng about her winning Fastinista look

Fastinista what now?

“Fastinista” a term coined by Runner’s world and trending worldwide. For a further explanation please click on the video.

Fastinista: The intro

In this workshop, Power 98 FM lent their star power with Djs JK, Jamie Yeo and Emily Teng, strutting their stuff as Lionnel went through the dos and don’ts in the Fastinista way. It was apparent that the theme of the day was “Clashes of Colours”. The presented pieces  used vibrant, loud colours, with playful layering to get that street dancer look.

Another point made was the use of compression suits to provide that slick, shapely figure. On top of that, it also provides rehabilitative support like improving muscle recovery after workouts or helping you to run faster. It also gives the layered effect.

Shoes!! Besides the performance, the neon, luminous pinks and yellow certainly adds dimension to the whole image. Clashes certainly makes a beautiful hot mess out of a running session.

Ruby Tan picks her Fastinista look

Is it a girl thing?

As a guy, i know what we desire most would be the ease, comfort and durability of the apparels we use. Colours, style takes a lesser signifance. However, sticking to the phrase, style and functionality, its no harm to add a little colour to our runs. Personally, being in style reflects my mood, freshen me up, gives me the confidence to complete the last mile.

Nike Pro Combat

I simply love the compression suit. I keep on using my Nike Pro top vest which shapes my body while providing the cooling/warming effect whenever i require. Flashy shoes simply makes it more distinctive and personal. Tops and shorts wise, i try to dish in something colourful at times. I mean, the girls have the upper hand at this.

I did attempt the fasitinista, given 1/2 an hour to pick out the best look that i pull off, i tried my best not to neutralize my colours. The result:

Frankly, picking out these apparels felt truly liberating. Lionnel commented that the choices  were loud enough for the Fastinista. Oh yeah, i’ll be shashaying my goodies in the park soon enough!!

In a Nutshell

All in all, the workshop showed me the little things i should look out for. Like use of stripes for the lengthening effect. Layering to give that casual chic look going. Its all about the right mix, switching between colours. This means we don’t have to splurge much to get noticed. Still, as long as the intimacy of the body, mind and the road is not compromised , i’m willing to sashay and say i’m a Fastinista!

Style Guru Lionnel Lim with Power98 DJs, Emily Teng, Jamie Yeo & JK

P.S, photos courtesy of Nike and partners.