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FITNESS: The Rickson Gracie Workout

Damn, im motivated and inspired!

Go All In and Just Do It.

VIDEO: Why We Run (in HD)

Sports and the immediate environment complement each other. It is important for us to understand the causes that lead to climate change and how the repercussions of climate change would affect the environment as well as the athlete.

‘Why We Run’ attempts to look into how people who do sports, particularly those who indulge in long-distance running, can help assist in sustaining and saving the very environment that they depend on when they pursue their passion of running.

Together with Twin Glasses Films, we produced this short film in hope to inspire runners and/or fellow sportsmen like you and I, to care for the environment.

Gears used: The NB Minimus Zero 

P.S, The protagonist does look somewhat familiar eh? 

10 Reasons to Start Running

People start running for a variety of reasons. Some run because they want to lose weight, improve their health, compete in races or try something new. Whatever your reason is for running, you’ll experience many physical, mental and emotional benefits from the sport. Here are 10 great reasons to get started with running:

1. Running improves your health

One of the biggest benefits of running is that it’s good for your health. Running is an excellent way to strengthen the heart and ensure the efficient flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body, which helps decrease your risk of a heart attack. Exercise, combined with maintaining a healthy weight, is one of the best ways to naturally reduce your blood pressure if it’s above normal. If you have high cholesterol, running can also help keep it in check. Running also improves your immune system, so your body functions are more effective and efficient at fighting off germs. Running and other weight-bearing exercises increase bone density, which can fend off osteoporosis.        

2. You can lose weight
Many people start running to lose some extra pounds. As one of the most vigorous exercises out there, running is an extremely efficient way to burn calories and lose weight. If you’re already at a healthy weight, running can help you maintain it. Just make sure you don’t think running gives you a license to eat anything you want. The basic rule of weight loss — that you must burn (through life functions and exercise) more calories than you take in — still applies to runners.

3. You can run for a cause
Running can also be used as a way to contribute to society as a whole. Many races benefit charities, and some charities offer race training in exchange for fund-raising. Running for something that’s bigger than you is a great way to stay motivated to keep training and can make your races even more meaningful and fulfilling.      

4. You can meet new people through running
Some runners enjoy the quiet and solitude of running on their own, but other runners see running time as social opportunities. Finding a running buddy or running with a group is a great way to develop a sense of community. You can set goals and accomplish them together. In addition, having a regular running buddy or running group is a great way to stay motivated to run.
Some runners also share advice and motivation with other runners in online forums, such as sgrunners.com. You can meet other people who share your obsession with running, celebrate your triumphs and help you overcome your obstacles.

5. You can experience something new and different
Running is a great way to expand your horizons and break away from the daily grind. The sport gives people the opportunity to explore areas of their own community or new locations, experience new physical sensations and run places they may not normally see.

6. You can train for a specific goal

Some people hate to exercise just for the sake of exercising, but with running, though, you can train for races, from 5Ks to marathons and beyond. Training for a race gives you a specific goal to work toward, which can definitely help improve your motivation to run.

7. Running improves your energy levels

When you’re feeling sluggish or tired, running is a great way to boost your energy. Runners who run in the morning report that they have improved energy levels during the day. Combining running with a healthful diet will help improve your energy levels even more.

8. Running will help you feel good about yourself

Regular runners report an increase in their confidence and self-esteem, and the self-esteem benefits of running are increased if you set a specific goal, such as running a marathon, and accomplish it.

9. Running is versatile and inexpensive

Running requires very little equipment, and it can be done almost anywhere. All you need is a good pair of running shoes, and you can head out your door to go for a run. From city sidewalks to wooded trails, there are plenty of places for runners to explore — at no cost. If you travel a lot, it’s easy to pack your running shoes and run while you’re on the road.

10. Running can help with stress relief

Running — as with many forms of exercise — is a great cure for stress, emotional strain and even mild depression. Research has shown that healthy adults who exercise regularly are generally happier than those who don’t.

Photo courtesy of SameerPictures.com  

(courtesy of 1 Arm Runner. Check out his site at HERE!)

7 TIPS To Getting Back On Track This New Year!

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives... Its been days into 2012 and with such a long weekend to celebrate the new year,i wouldnt be surprised if you would feel lethargic and tired trying to “kick start” our fitness regime – be it runs or workouts or even coupling them both. I know, cause im having this post-holiday “I-am-so-lazy-to-train” mood too.

Personally, i have been on a low key on running ever since i completed my 21km at the SCMS 2011. And although i still do a little light cardio workout or runs here and there, its surely never the same as my high-key period of trainings. Perhaps, you’re like me and would love to meet your fitness resolutions that you have set for yourself this year (2012) but cant seem to get out of that rut well read on, gorgeous/hunks.

Well, here are 7 TIPS that you can incorporate into your 2012 lifestyle to make sure that you’re on the right gear to meet your (fitness) resolutions:

1) Have a positive state of mind, coming into the new year.

Its the new year. Time to start things a fresh. “NEW YEAR. NEW ME. NEW CHALLENGE.” i would say. Have a yourself set some new goals that you might want to achieve this year. For me, im looking forward to training and picking up Muay Thai (and Jiu-Jitsu) over at Evolve MMA Academy, the biggest MMA academy in town thus far. Hope i can get a leaner and beefier bod once im done with all those intense trainings! BOO-YAH!

2) Set S.M.A.R.T goals.

That being said, having new resolutions are good but having SMART ones are more important. Dont be the kind who sets ridiculous targets (like trying to lose 50kg in 4 months) when you yourself know your priorities/work doesnt quite allow you to. Although its good to set a “benchmark” you wanna achieve, 12 months is a lot of time, so plan your goals wisely. 

By the way, S.M.A.R.T stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reasonable and Time.

3) Start back small. Go easy on the training.

Yes, you may have ran 42km in under 4 hours, deadlifted 130kg or performed 200 chin ups before. But when starting up from a lull period (what more a holiday festive break), its important to give your body some time of running in. Take a slow run/jog or start with lighter weights first. You dont have to prove to anyone, really. Its all about your body, your pace. The last thing you want is to injure yourself in the early months of the year thus rendering you “crippled” from reaching your set goals.

Furthermore, if you had expected more from yourself, you would just feel demoralized and probably wont feel good about your performance. Which could make you believe that its pointless to train any more. Just saying.

4) Eat fresh & sleep tight.

Probably one of the hardest thing for most people to follow but you should start to learn and love to eat fresh foods. Out with the McBurgers or Finger lickin’ good chicken drumsticks. Eating proper food and having adequate rests really helps your body get back into that healthy shape you were in before the holidays. I once tried going Fast Food Free for 4 months and it felt REALLY REALLY GOOD. Somehow, your body would feel much more energetic and less lethargic. Well, at least for me that is and i believe it would do the same for you.

5) Get a training buddy.

As the saying goes, “If you want to go FAST, go alone. If you want to go FAR, go with a team.”. No doubt you can always train on your own at your own pace etc, but when it comes to that critical point where some “push” is needed, thats where having a training buddy comes in handy. A training buddy would make sure that both of you keep up the tempo in your training and help you if you cant lift that weight etc. Most importantly, have a training buddy who has similar goals as you do so that both of you will be moving in the same direction.

6) Be mentally prepared.

Linking back to point number 4, being mentally prepared helps your body gets in the mood to run, bike, swim, workout and whatever you have planned to do. Many times, I personally went into a gym with such low morale (not necessarily because of fitness, but it could be due to stress at work etc) and my whole training was terrible. I didnt know what to do, what am i going to train and lifting those weights felt like a chore.

I would not want you to experience the same situation as me as not only does it waste your energy but also you time, which could have been used to do something else more productive and one which would ease your mind first.

7) E-N to the JOY

en-joy (verb): to experience with joy; take pleasure in.

Lastly, it is most important that you have fun and enjoy the whole process of your training. Yes, training might be a pain in the ass, it might make your muscles sore, i might make you gasp for breath but like many other things out there, what isnt hard? The thing that would cause someone to quit training or give up on it is when he/she starts to feel that it is a great burden to work towards their goals. Dont let that happen to you.


With those 7 TIPS, i hope that you will find your 1st gear to get you going and ultimately fulfill your resolutions for the year. I know that some of these might seem layman OR simple OR EVEN what-the-hell-i-know-that-too kinda tips, but its these simple things in life that sometimes we tend to overlook/forget. And thus, never get started any time soon… Hahaha!


“Humility… A Prized asset” by Ahmad Taufiq

I’m writing this article as a respond to the hype being built up by the Daily Express, Sabah for Orang Kuat Sabah 2011. When your competitors and media mark you down as the “Man to Beat” it is truly very flattering at the same time attracting unwanted attention too. At the end of the day it sells newspapers! So here is my take.

I’ve always prided myself as being grounded and real. The notion of winning several titles in a row has come my mind but most of the time it also comes as a rude shock too when you do not win anything. Thus managing expectations is another thing that a high level performing athlete has to come to terms with. Titles are always up for grab every year, so are bragging rights and that exclusive induction into the champions or winners roll! I’m not going to lie… the taste of winning and victory is addictive thus it pushes an athlete to greater heights and better peak performance.

So how does this apply to you at the gym or training or preparing for competition or just wanting to reach your personal best? It’s simple…below are my reasons

  • Being humble is important because…. it keeps you grounded and not get light-headed or airy fairy to your own ideals of self glorification! Nobody likes to train with someone who thinks he is the best! Yes high level athletes tell themselves they are the best at what they do… but at the end of the day they still listen to their trainers and coaches
  • Being humble is important because… it helps you focus on your own training and not compare yourself with others! Comparison with others just brings you down, at the end of the day… you are your worst enemy and your best ally… yes you are competing with someone else, but everyone has their own Everest and personal achievements count more than the number of trophies in the other guy’s trophy cabinet
  • Being humble is important because… your fellow competitors no matter how much they “fear” of having to compete against you they will always respect you for not being a loudmouth, or a bragging queen or hate you. Mutual respect goes a long and mutual respect pushes athlete beyond their own level of performance thus this will increase your own!

Do you ever see Usain Bolt bad-mouthing Asafa Powell??

No thats because they are training partners… Bolt may be the Olympic Champion, but Asafa Powell broke Bolt’s record in 2010!

Do you see Zrydunas Zsavickas shooting his mouth to Marius Pudzianowski???

No, they always start with a handshake and end with a hug and a handshake! Thats mutual respect!

Do you see Lance Armstrong shooting off his mouth he is the best in the world after winning 7 titles??

No, now he is a pack rider and supporting the main rider!

Do you see Fandi Ahmad bragging how good he is??

No, he always gives back what he learnt!

Or do you see Olympic Silver Medalist Tan Howe Liang talk about his Silver Medal all the time??

No… in fact he will tell you another story and impart some of his sagely wisdom and technique to you!

P.S, the photos of the athletes above are just for recognition purposes only.

  • Being humble is important because… it keeps your mind open and always seek advice, feedback and critique. There is no such thing as a single perfect technique! Yes practice makes perfect but practice without the openness to feedback, supervision and critique ensures you will be stuck in a rut and forever remain at your comfortable plateau!
  • Being humble is important because… this will ensure your longevity in your sport of your choice, be it Kettlebells Sport, Strongman, Football, Weightlifting, Rugby, Martial Arts or even your day to day life.
  • Being humble is important because… it will keep you injury free, this is the most important thing to an athlete… being injury free. People who don’t listen or EGO-Lifters or i call them CLANGERS are the one i detest the most. They make the loudest noise, talk a lot of smack in the gym and they think they are Gods gift to any gym. To me it’s very simple… if you are strong enough to lift it, you are strong enough to set it back properly! By just dropping the weight it might cause unwanted damage to yourself, the equipment or worse another person in the gym… Personally, i’ve met this kind of people in the gym and usually i will tell them off and I really have no respect for them at all.
  • Being humble is important because… if you think you are strong or the most AWESOME person in the world. Truth is there is someone out there better, stronger and has better technique and genetic ability than you!

At the end of the day, a competition is only a competition when there are other competitors to compete with thus the need to respect them, because like it or not… you need them! I’m never about blazing or burning anyone in my way to earn or win the title. Titles will come and go at each passing year, i wont lie and say i dont like winning… I say again! Winning is addictive…but what’s the takeaway from the win? Do you like winning the title 1000 times and earn nothing else. I rather win the title 10 times than 1000 times and earn the respect of my fellow competitors, officials and supporters and know that you are truly a worthy champion who has heart, soul and respect of your fellow competitors.

But more importantly I compete because I love to compete with like minded athletes who will push me to better heights as i reach for my own personal Everest! Because without them… i’m just as good as a hermit in his cave. I’m very fortunate that i’m surrounded by good coaches, trainers and friends who I hold up in high esteem and vice versa!

Ahmad Taufiq

Something Wicked This Way Comes


Moments with Carl Lewis



Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon


Covering 2 sporting events back-to-back with minimal sleep, it was a great moment knowing that i was there to witness it all. Review on SCSM 2010 and my moments with the legendary, Carl Lewis up next. Wait for it.

Something wicked this way comes. 😉

1,336 steps to an awesome HIGH!

Its been a week plus since i took part in a public event. But i had been filling my time up with other activities to keep this heart young at heart (and hopefully, ageless too. :P). I dont really know about most people and their quest for sporting habits or hobbies, but for me, i really need to get my body into some sort of activity. I hate being stagnant. Gaaah!

Anyways, last last week’s Sunday had been a memorable one. It was the first time i participated in an event which requires me NOT to run horizontally on the ground BUT instead, VERTICALLY! Yeah, im talking about the THE SWISSOTEL VERTICAL MARATHON 2010! Hehehehe!

Many donkey years back, when the event was already up and running, i always felt intimidated by the thought of running UP 73 floors. I mean, seriously, for a person who lives on the 2nd floor, 73 floors is like 36 TIMES the height and steps needed to reach the end point. Gaaaah! “Its madness” i told myself. “There’s always lift what…if you wanna reach the top of a building.”

However, ever since i picked up running, i realised that the thrill of “scaling new heights” (pun intended) in running, turns me on. From normal road runs, to trail runs…whats next? How bout Vertical Runs then? THAT, would be challenging. Coincidentally, i was given the opportunity to take part in it. I GRABBED IT STRAIGHT! Thus, that was how i started my first inception (chey chey) into The Swissotel Vertical Marathon. And here is my  story…

21st November 2010 was indeed a tiring day for me. Knowing that i would have the run today, i still went ahead and took part in the NTUC’s U SPORTS – Nite On Wheels (cycling 55km “around” Singapore) the night before. Read more about it HERE!

I reached the hotel pretty early in the morning with only so little sleep, but i’m very amazed at the number of participants and supporters already present there. I guess they were already starting THEIR race. Nice cool weather, not too hot, it was a perfect start to the day! Collected my RacePack and i was soooo roaring to go, but had to wait for my “Category“‘s turn. Anyways, the race pack was pretty cool. Fiery red race tee and shoe bag which is amazingly huge inside! Packed with loads of goodies too! Hehehe!

While waiting for my turn, i rested somewhere outside of the “resting point” and i saw 2 things which made me go “WOW! This is SO going into my blog!”. Hahaha.

First: A Caucasian man preparing pancakes on the sidewalk for his Barclay’s Team who took part in the event. You gotta admit, it takes real courage AND awesome cooking skills to prepare pancakes with fruits and maple syrup on the sidewalks of Singapore. Jealous much! ;( Why no one make for meeeeee?!

Second: I met a man who had 2 prosthetic legs, but very eager to climb up and conquer the 1,336 steps. I plucked up my courage and decided to talk to him and find out more about him. Yes, he is none other than Dwayne Fernandes from Sydney, Australia! Managed to get a short mini-interview with him! YAY! To watch the vid, click HERE!

Anyways anyways, haha, when it was about my turn to race up the steps of glory :P, i was feeling kinda nervous. I kept telling myself that “If my female friend who didnt train for it and completed it in 20min + able to take photos along the way, i should be OK.”. I was sipping RedBull and eating some “energy sweet” to psyched me up. Hohoho.

When it was me and my partner’s turn to race up the stairs, somehow, all the nervousness and butterflies in the tummy disappeared. I feel like a poem coming up! Here we go! I hate boring blogs so im gonna blog about it – POEM STYLE. Yeah!

My Swissotel Vertical Marathon Experience Poem

So i ran. And ran.

Like a GingerBreadman;

The 1st few steps were easy.

The first 10 floors, then the next 10.

And HEY! I’m already on the 20.

Fatigue kicked in at the 30th floor,

I saw people puking at the door.

O-M-G, G-M-O;

43 more floors to go! Oh no!

I kept on walking,

Kept on stepping,

I had to finish this tiring tiring thing.

And before i knew it,

I almost made it.

I could hear the people cheering.Yay!

From the 30 to the 40,

The 50 then to the 60,

I could almost smell the 73.

As i reached the 73,

Got people many many.

And they were cheering for me.

I felt so happy

as i crossed the FINISH LINE

I jumped, and it was sublime.

The view was awesome, though it was hot and windy.

And i had made loads of friends.

The feeling euphoric, my mind ecstatic

And thats how my story went.



  • The Swissotel stands at 226m tall.
  • Participants would have to climb 1,336 steps of Singapore’s Swissotel to get to the top
  • 73 Floors. No joke.
  • Imbar timing and race champion: Thomas Dold who finished in a time of 6 minutes 51 seconds. I completed mine in 15min. 😛
  • My new found friend, Dwayne Fernandes finished his race in the Men’s Ultimate Championship category in a time of 18 minutes 21 seconds.

Till next year’s event, Guten Tag! 🙂


Last Saturday, i managed to get a slot for the night cycling event – Nite On Wheels jointly organized by U Sports and SISEU. Which to be honest, i didnt know the latter existed at all before this event. Hahaha. The event was supposed to be a 55km recreational cycle “around” Singapore. Given the amount of allocated time to complete the 55km (2130H-0600H), i was very certain its gonna be a really chill kinda pace maybe its because there will be people from all walks of life and ages who is participating in it.

This ain’t no Tour De France so i am seriously very okay with it. Hahaha! Furthermore, i’m going there to cycle with my old time friends! Its been quite a while since we last met so we decided to go for the event to catch up. How quaint i’d say – meeting up for some HEALTHY LIVING LOVIN’!

**The Flag Off**

The starting point of the event was held at the bicycle kiosk near East Coast Park’s Carpark C3. I was told to come around 9pm as “flag off” timing was stated to be at 2130H. However much delay from both the organizers and participant’s side i ended up getting my Cycling Tee, helmet and bike at 2200H+. By the way, the bike seats sucked. SO HARD! NO CUSHIONING! MATI LIAO! I guess, it must have been the huge turnout and loads of paper work registration needed to be done that caused the delay.

Nonetheless, quite happy with my gear, you can say that i was READY TO ROLL. WELL, IF YOU’RE READY TO ROCK, I’M READY TO ROLL! The whole estimated 100+ cyclists were divided into 6 groups. And each group had 4 marshals from NTU’s Cycling Team and an AETOS Auxiliary Officer on a bike to ensure safety and security along the way. Yay! I must say, i did feel like some atas person getting escorted by AETOS on the road during my journey. Woohoo!

**The Journey From EAST to WEST and the back to EAST AGAIN**

Anyways, heres the rough outline of the route that we took:-

East Coast Park (ECP) to Lau Pa Sat (CBD Area) to Labrador Park to West Coast Mac to Padang and back to ECP.

We were mostly covering the bottom half of Singapore throughout the journey of this wonderful night cycling. One of the moment which i feel was hilarious was when along Bras Basah Road (heading towards Marina Square from SMU) the whole gin gang of us had to switch from the left lane to the right most lane. Thanks to the AETOS officer, he had to stop the whole 5 laned traffic and we hurriedly switch lanes. You should have seen the faces of the drivers it was EPIC! Some where confused, lost, puzzled at what’s going on while others were pretty mad. Oooops! Sorry!

The weather, thank God was perfect. Not too chilly, not too humid…just nice. Thus, it made the whole journey of the cycle pretty pleasant. With traffic almost empty except for a few wandering taxis, we had the whole road to ourselves, but of course, safety first – thusit was left lane ALL the way!

There was however a point where i was pretty disappointed because the group splitted up too far apart and the marshals were not able to link everyone up in time thus i was with 4-5 other people and were on our own. The only way we knew where we had to go was from the another cyclist who was like 5 lamp posts away! So to cut things short, by the time we were nearing Redhill MRT Station, the front cyclist was no where to be seen AND the road was split into 2! GAAAAH! My mini-section of cyclist, had to wait around 5min before the marshal & an AETOS officer came along and guided us back on track. It was a left turn btw. Hahaha!

**Have a Break, Have a Polar Cake**

Our rest or break points during the journey (in sequence) were LAU PA SAT, LABRADOR PARK, WEST COAST MAC & lastly, THE PADANG…. Before we headed back to the End Point. Cyclists were given adequate time to rest and recuperate from the previous journey. We were given Polar cakes (chocolate & cream) as light refreshments at West Coast Mac. Is it me being uber hungry or did those cakes actually taste nice? It was good for me cause I needed some sugar rush! YUMMEH! Somehow, I was already hungry even after having Nasi Goreng Ayam (Chicken Fried Rice) at LAU PA SAT. If you think the black hole didn’t exist, look no further than my stomach. Eat eat eat but will never seem to gain weight THAT much. 😛

My friends and i chatted and cracked joked non-stop and it was hilarious much. Spirits were definitely high AND luckily we did not see or catch other “spirits” too along the way. :S People were mingling around and they too were having a good time judging from the smiles and laughter on their faces…during the breaks only! Hahahaha! On the road, they were very serious and all. I guess, they were afraid of bumping into one another like a few incidents along the journey. Gaaaah! OR maybe they were tired already! Hurhurhur! 😀

**At the end of the night**

From our last rest point, we headed back to ECP via Nicoll Highway and the rest of the road names i am not pretty sure. Through Mountbatten & Fort Road perhaps? By then the groups were pretty much separated because some of the older participants had to cycle slower than us, young guns. It was pretty much a “freedom cycle” as i would like to call it as most of us just sped our way through the groups. Unknowingly. Only realizing either after we were far ahead OR at the finishing line, returning the bikes. Hahaha! But it was fun and safety wasn’t compromised as marshals and AETOS were present.

Once we reached the end point, we returned the gears and all and collected our breakfast vouchers – $10 McDonald’s value coupons courtesy of….KFC. Of course not lah! Courtesy of McDonalds! In times like these, i would like to give a BIG SHOUTOUT to McDonalds for being awesome. Nuff said. Save $$$! Hahahaha!

Thus, after a hearty big value breakfast meal, what else better can we do than to…. catch up on SLEEP!

What i like about Nite On Wheels:

  1. I get to cycle
  2. I get to cycle at night
  3. The refreshments was adequate
  4. 4 rest points in total – which is good if you’re new to cycling and picking up the sport
  5. A great event to go with friends and meet new people
  6. The weather was with us – no rain, not humid, just perfect.
  7. The $20 registration fee is seriously VALUE-FOR-MONEY. For that amount, we received a tee,rented bike + helmet, Polar cakes and a $10 McDees Coupon!

What could be improved (logistically):

  1. Marshals have GOT TO KNOW their way around before hand (eg. what route to take and memorize the map)
  2. More traffic support could have been rendered as 1 AETOS bike to a group (which splits up) isn’t really….safe?
  3. Registration could have been speeded up so not to create delay
  4. 4 resting points (RP) were good BUT the resting period is a bit too long. Thus every time, when we set off from the RP, my body has to “warm up” all over again.
  5. The bicycle seats were hard and riding on it sure got my bottoms bruised! Gaaah!

All in all, it was a night of great fun, joy and laughter! If you had thought of going to such events in the future, one tip – BRING A FRIEND OR FRIENDSSS who would enjoy the event with you. For one thing, lets not be selfish in promoting healthy lifestyle/living AND secondly, its just much more fun with friends! Lookout for U SPORTS upcoming activities! You can get follow them on FB by clicking HERE !!

Till i write again, Guten Tag!

“To live is to choose. But to choose well, you must know who you are and what you stand for, where you want to go and why you want to get there.” – Kofi Annan

Personally, the above quote speaks volume of becoming someone better and not just better better but the reason WHY you should be one… I know its been days since i last updated. Had been very busy with work and work and no play. However, i have been doing light workouts and trainings to keep my body “in shape”. 😛 Maintenance is very important to me. I once neglected my these “short training workouts” and you can say that , i didnt look good. Or maybe thats just me. Oh well. 

But seriously, i can’t wait for tomorrows Salomon X-Trail Run as well as December 10th-12th KL Camp 5 trip! Rock Climbing yo! ANNNND….. i’m getting myself a new pair of shoes. What is it? It’s a secret. I’ve been hearing rave reviews about it and on its science. But not to worry, i’m getting myself one to try it out and tell you all about it. So you can make a better and informed choice in selecting an all-rounder shoe. *hint hint* 😉

My basic BASIC (total body weight) workout regime at home (if i do not have the time to head to the gym or go out for training) is:

1) Staggered Push Ups  x20 

The idea of this push up is that unlike normal push ups, one hand is up ahead forward while the other one is placed somewhere along the lines of your chest. Switching positions every time after one push up. The staggered position puts more intensity on the movement because one of the arms  will have more load put on it. And also, because of the unique position, the body needs to work on the core to maintain stability.

2) Diamond Push Ups x20 

Most of us will know how this is to be done. Simply put your palms close together and do a complete “push up”. This will work on your triceps as well as the inner chest as you squeeze/tighten your upper body at the top.

3) Wide Push Ups x20

With arms wide open. Wider than the normal shoulder length push up, this push up stretches your chest fibres even more and also kinda works harder on your back.

All these push ups are to be done one after another, no rest. When i first started off, i could only manage 10-10-10. But now im doing 20-20-20. Its a progressive thing.

4) Crunches x50

With legs up in the air in a 90 degrees position, hands behind your head, bring your body closer to your knees as you crunch your way up.

5) Reverse crunch x50

Same position however, this time lift your head off the ground and bring your knees towards your head instead. BUT in a slow motion so as to NOT use momentum OR work the upper abs too much. What this is for is to work the lower abs.

6) Static Squats x20-30 

Feet shoulder width apart, hands stretched forward. From a standing position, go down to a squatting position making sure that your knees don’t go OVER your toes. From that “squatting” position, rise up again. That’s 1 rep.

That’s about it. That’s MY daily (which i’ll try to) maintenance work-out regime. I want to get fitter and better and faster and stronger. What’s yours? 🙂