REVIEW: The MILO Easy Cool

Cuppa Milo, anyone?

It is important to have sufficient rest and proper nutrition after your workout or runs. However, it is just as important to have a good meal 2-3 hours before your physical activity. However, consuming too much food would result in your body feeling too full and lethargic (or sleepy) to actually do anything strenuous.

Besides slapping myself with a few slices of bread spread with Nutella, at times I would just go for something quick and easy like a pre-workout drink (cause its quick and easy). In case most of you do not know, I am going au naturel – no supplements like protein powders or mass gainers for me this time round.

Thus, one of the best ways to perk myself up before going for any runs, races or training is to have a cup of iced cold Milo. Sounds cliché, but Milo has been one of those feel-good pre or post workout drink since young for me at least. Still remember the time during my secondary school cross-country days where the Milo truck would be stationed after the finishing line and i would not hesitate to grab a few cups of iced Milo! Weee~! Who’s with me here? 😛

The Milo brings out the kids in the yard, damn right, its better than yours...

Well anyways, Milo has came out with a new product range – the Milo Easy Cool. Pretty much like your ordinary Milo powder except that SOMEHOW this Milo Easy Cool powder mixes really well with cold water! *poof!* Gone were the days of having the need to mix Milo with hot water and then pouring it with cold water. 🙂 It came in handy during the Urbanathlon race day as i woke up late and had to rush out. So all i did was to mix 2 sachets in cold water and drank and zoomed out of the house. 

A quick and easy fix for your iced Milo cravings OR as mentioned above, a pre/post-workout drink. 1 sachet of the Milo Easy Cool serves one cup (200-300ml). But of course, if you really want it concentrated, go ahead and mix 2 sachets in 400ml. But of course with its own “shaker bottle” like those used by the guys in the gym, its very convenient to bring it around and just POUR, SHAKE and ENJOY your cold Milo. Well, you can always add ice as makes it even more yummy! 😀

The Milo Easy Cool pack - 15 sachets in it!

Overall, the Milo Easy Cool is easy to make as you do not have to trouble yourself mixing the Milo with the condensed milk (or sugar) and hot water. Pretty much a 3-in-1 ready to drink mix. Good stuff i must say. Especially for busy and active sports/fitness enthusiasts OR simply someone who wants the less hassle of making your Milo drink. Best part you can bring it to the gym….just like that.

Anyways, what would be great is that if they come out with a tin can version of it. So I can have a hassle-free iced cool Milo at home. Cheers!

  1. Convenient
  2. Easy to make
  3. Tasty
  4. The bottle is better than some protein “shaker bottles” that i have experienced with
  1. It comes in packet of 15 sachets only.
  2. Would be great if there is a tin can version of it
  3. For those who likes to control the sweetness of their Milo, you can only put more water, but that would make it a little diluted though

For more info, you can check out MILO SINGAPORE’s FaceBook Page