Run Minimal, Run Zero: Trail Running With Anton Krupicka

29th March 2012 – New Balance’s Ultra Runner, Anton Krupicka, dropped by MacRitchie Reservoir late in the afternoon to lead a group of trail running and running enthusiasts for a short 6km run. Seeing a few familiar faces around, i was so happy and psyched up to run the trail with the “Jesus Runner” as one of my friend calls him. Tall, long blonde hair and sporting a hobo beard, he gives out that “Badass Nature Runner” vibe. True story.

Krupicka signing autographs for excited fans

Fun Run With Krupicka @ MacRitchie Reservoir

Post-Run Cam whoring session. Hahaha!

Anyways, the gear i used during the run was the latest range of minimalist shoe by New Balance – The NB Minimus Zero. Thank you New Balance! A really light weight trail running shoe with minimal support and cushioning. Nonetheless, it is very comfortable to run in them. I did not get any blisters during the sockless 6km run.

With a unique sole which would remind you of those plastic bubble wraps, the grip and the traction when running on muddy, soft soil and rather wet trail grounds was superb. I did not have to be too concerned about slipping or falling as i ran through the trail route. It was also very flexible and that gives the feet more room to play and feel when it hits the ground running.

The only downside to it is that on the trail route which was peppered with really sharp rocks, the minimalist Vibram-technology sole did little to protect my feet. You could feel the sharp rocks kinda pressing hard against your sole. And just like what one of the fellow runners said – “A free foot massage”. But of course, running in a minimalist shoe, one has to be prepared of such circumstances.

Like its predecessor, the NB Minimus Trail, this shoe really worked for me during the trail run. I still love the NB Minimus Trail though for its slightly thicker and sturdier feel. But would definitely start using the NB Minimus Zero for my trail runs in Bukit Timah Hill now. Heh.

Till then, run strong, run fast, run zero. Oooh thats deep. 😛

The new Minimus Zero shoes

P.S, You can check out the NB Minimus Zero at all New Balance outlets or leading sports shops

P.P.S, some of the pics are courtesy of New Balance.